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Updated: Feb 10, 2021

The hot topic of the day is: "Save the Children," and it must be the main topic until we rescue all the children and prevent more from entering the dark, evil world of cannibalism. What did I just say? "CANNIBALISM" Where did that word come from? Am I telling you they eat children? Yes, I am. Can they get more gross? More barbaric? If it is possible, they do.

I'm excited you are still here with me. It means you believe me and that brings air to my soul. Sex-trafficking isn't a pleasant subject, nor one that can be easily fixed. The *Cabal, evil personified, has been busy kidnapping and killing our children. They brag about it through symbols and taunt us with lies - thinking we are asleep, too busy to care, or too dumb to see. "There's no where for you to run," they say.

*Don't know what Cabal means? It is a group of secret plotters against a government or person in authority. The current Cabal is against God and all Believers. They want our children. Why? For their sexual perversions; their youth restorers: Adrenochrome; and the wealth these commodities (children's bodies - alive and dead) bring to the world market. Bottom line, the Cabal is the Devil and his minions. It is the elite: rich and famous.

But the joke is on them because we won't stop exposing them until they are destroyed and our children are safe. Now that we have 'woke-up' we find we are justifiably angry, disgusted, united, and committed to doing the right things.

The Cabal has taken their best shot at us - blocking, censoring, distracting, pornography, drugs, claiming we are racists, confusing with lies, biological warfare with a virus, lockdowns, and laughing at our fears, evidenced by the masks and closing down of businesses. I think they are surprised at how easy it was to shut down the world. How easily we capitulated to be controlled. No more.

We are mad and aren't going to take it anymore. Enough is enough. It's one thing to threaten us, ridicule and hurt us financially - but it's another to murder our children for their perverted pleasures. It's over dudes.

How to end the nightmare?

Our beloved military, our sacred heroes, made up of men and women who are "We the People," have been working on a plan to save the children. What might that plan look like? Wouldn't the liars, thieves, and pedophiles like to know? The military doesn't give away their tactics, but they do send us clues and encouragements. You can be confident to know that the military needs us and is working FOR us.

How do I know this? Because veterans told me. I am privileged to work with them - to help them heal. I've been listening to them for years, and I didn't want to believe the horror stories about the underground rooms that cage children. But because I believe in my beloved veterans - I knew it was and still is, true.

Part of the plan, we can talk about. They had to find someone powerful to be their leader and lead the charge. This person had to be POTUS, the highest position in our country. This person had to be fearless, trustworthy, and thick skinned. Popular so he or she could be elected. Respected for their accomplishments. Smart and tactical. And most important - didn't rape children. Sad that this was a daunting task.

There have only been three men in our time who had the ability to face down the world leaders caught up in sex-trafficking and satanism: John F. Kennedy. John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Donald J. Trump. The Cabal knew this as well. They killed JFK and the world grieved.

JFKjr and DJT were good friends. DJT knew of the pledge his friend made to avenge his father's death. The world was dangerous for them and we lost John-John. We hope against hope that he staged his death to get the Cabal off his back, but the bottom line is the world grieved. The whole world loved JKFjr in the same way they loved JFK. Interesting enough, the world also loved Donald J. Trump.

The military watched with interest when John John hung out with his good friend, Donald J. Trump. DJT was courageous, charming, honest, powerful, brilliant, trustworthy, popular, and still alive. Most importantly, he wasn't a child molester. He never went to Epstein's Island, although the media later said he did, and many of you believed it. The facts are that it was Bill Clinton that went, and many times. DJT was the perfect man to recruit for this project to save the children, restore America to the people. and save the world.

DJT was presented with massive amounts of evidence exposing top leaders of the world, who were committing hideous crimes. The military did their homework and had files, pictures, videos, affidavits from whistleblowers, victims, and a plan to take down the Cabal. They knew names, places, dates, and times of individuals in United States highest offices: Presidencies, Congress, the House, the FBI, the CIA, and all government agencies on Federal and State levels. These files also were evidence of top government, military, and religions in the world involved in heinous crimes.

Donald Trump was abhorred and intrigued. He agreed to take on this dangerous job. He was the only one who could. His heart went out to the victims of these predators who were the rich and famous - the elite of the world. He knew them well, but not this side of them until he saw the evidence.

DJT was the only one who could do this job.

First it is important to know and understand that evil recruits followers, too. They use methods such as offers of fame, restored youth, and fortune. They lure their recruits in snares. Once you sign-up, death is the only way to achieve freedom from them.

Good always wins over evil, but it doesn't stop evil from trying. It doesn't stop them from killing our children - or doing everything to enslave us. Their methods for recruitment work well. But when they get caught they never confess. Predators work in the dark, behind the scenes. They love to give us signs and clues they are there and enjoy the fact that we don't want to believe such horrible things take place.

They were exposed when the military recruited Donald J. Trump. They've been caught, and things have become ugly: Name-calling, fake impeachments, slander, voter fraud, censoring, traitors, and a never ending tsunami of lies, deceptions, and violations of the Constitution. Worse are the violations against God and humanity.

Even so, evil is pretty dumb. They always underestimate the power of good.

DJT cannot be bought. He was already wealthy and famous. Americans love him. The ones who hate him listen to the main-stream-media. The very ones who kill our babies. Most of us cannot tolerate people not liking us. How has President Trump emotionally survived the unending onslaught of viciousness thrown at him by the fake leaders, the fake press, and the people he is trying to represent and defend? Maybe this is possible because of who he is, which means he works for a greater cause.

The constant attacks on the President of the United States' office are similar to the abuse poured out on our Viet Nam warriors, but on steroids. How has he and his family survived? They have not done this for power or wealth, they already had that. It had to be bigger. It had to be about the children.

The military recognized something else in DJT. He never gives up. No matter what. Sex-trafficking and satanic worship was so huge, it would take someone who wouldn't quit.

We can't quit either. Don't lose faith or hope. If we do, the children lose.

Are you one of those people who criticize Donald J. Trump? What if you are attacking the very person who can change our world? What if you don't know everything you think you do? What if you finally understand that this fight is not about politics but about saving children? What if you could save even one child? Would you set aside your biases and save that child? Of course you would. Unless you are one of "them."

Another pernicious thing that evil does to recruit followers is to tempt through addictions. Provide alcohol and drugs to snare more recruits into compromising positions of inebriation and then take pictures and videos to be used in blackmail. Many good men and women entered Washington, DC or Hollywood dreaming of doing good things, only to be caught in a spider's-web of extreme evil. DJT doesn't drink or do drugs. Too bad Devil.

To fight the level of evil found in this country and the world required a leader who is a God-fearing believer. This battle to rescue our children has to be fought with an army of dedicated warriors, under God. Our military leaders are believers. DJT is a strong believer and prays often. He won't be compromised.

When I learned there was a DJT Team task force dedicated to end sex-trafficking and save the children - I became a fan. But is DJT perfect? Not at all. Does he have flaws? Has he made mistakes? Of course. He is just a man. Switch places with him for a few minutes, or as my Grandpa used to say, "Walk in another man's moccasins before you criticize."

What if every choice you made in your life was flashed across the sky in living color? What would your sky look like? What if the media took your mistakes and fabricated unending lies around them. Would you cry? Would you quit? Probably. But he doesn't. Because he is that type of person and he understands the cost if he quits: Children's lives.

Everyone loved DJT before he accepted to run for President. What changed? Everything. He became a better man. Evil got scared. They went after Americans who listened and became judgmental critics. Why? Because we believed the brainwashed lying-media that this is about politics and mostly about DJT. It's not.

The media made us think there's a battle between Democrats and Republicans. Well, they are lying to us and if we bought into the lies, we are mistaken. What we see on the mainstream media isn't true. What we don't see from them is the truth. Truth and goodness have been censored. We can only find truth through other sources like military intel, prayer, and inspired true patriots, usually retired military.

The truth is it's all about saving the children.

How do I know? I did my homework. You can know too, if you do your homework. What you learn might make you sick to your stomach. It makes me cry, every day.

Here's something to consider: What if you could see our current state of affairs as the ultimate fight between good and evil? Evil is fighting desperately to keep themselves supplied with the life-essences of our children so that they can look more youthful, have more wealth and power. See how that works? Believe it and you will see it.

Think about it. Who are the rich and famous? Who has all the power? Politicians, Kings, Queens, Leaders, Hollywood movie stars, famous musicians, athletes, and wealthy, powerful corporations (media, pharmaceuticals, now farmland owners, etc.). The elite. There are a few families that control the world, and own the children. They also own 80% of the world's wealth. The other 20% they humor us by "allowing" us to share it amongst ourselves. We work our butts off for the 20%.

What if you believed me?

We could join forces and rescue the others who can't escape. Together we could save the world! Then what an amazing world this would be. What do you have to lose? Now that is something to consider.

GET INVOLVED - Learn and Grow

I heard a Patriot speaking on the internet from Communist China. She said that all the Patriots in China know to follow the news that the Government blocks. The blocked news is the truth. The things their Government condemns is the very thing they want. That makes sense to me, but how sad that America has become Communist? We slid right by Socialism and went into Communism.

So how do we get out of this fine mess we behaved ourselves into when we ignored the milk-carton pictures, and didn't pay attention to what the politicians were doing to our country - in 1847. Same as China patriots:: Check who is being censored and what videos are removed/blocked? Ask yourself, "why is someone going to so much trouble to censor this?"

The ones with the power to censor do not worry about repercussions or justice against their crimes. They suffer no consequences because we allow it. It's not the military or Trumps job to stop this. They do our dirty work, because we want someone to save us. So the military finds someone and what do we do? We hate him. What the heck people? Now here we sit wondering "what just happened?" When are they going to do something? Wah. Wah. Wah.

Your best and truest guide to truth: Follow the Censorships.

Even though I never watch mainstream media, a lot of people like to tell me the latest insanity that is taking place. Massive numbers of CEO's of powerful major corporations have recently resigned. It will be interesting to find out why? Are they deserting a sinking ship? Are they bad-guys being chased out? Or are the bad-guys chasing them out? Time will tell, but I like to think that good is winning. It's interesting to connect the dots.

The following resources are well-educated in current affairs and history, and are quite the spiritual leaders. When you do your homework, you have to learn the truth about our country from the beginning. Think about 1847. Pay attention to the USA Corporation formed in 1847 and the Federal Reserve Bank. But be careful, those are the topics and questions that got JFK killed.

If you don't find some crazy major stuff going down during the "reign" of Ulysses S. Grant - the 18th President of the United States - you missed the truth. Hint: I learned a lot about history from old videos done by Scott McKay. Hold on to your hats because this is a wild, roller-coaster ride. As a reward for sticking with me so far, here's a couple of pearls, short-cuts:

History (the real story):

Current Events (the truth): Most of us have been kicked off FB, Twitter, YouTube, and Parler - we went to so Amazon shut down Parler. OK, a clue: Amazon censored Parler. There's a big dot!

Now we share pearls at MeWe, Telegram, and Gab. I am hearing rumors that telegram is targeted to be shut down next. Another censor by Amazon. Do you smell a rat?

And We Know - LT

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