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A Time to Fast and Pray

Hello Fellow Americans: Believers and Freedom Lovers. Welcome to my BLOG. I'm honored that you are reading this and excited to describe a critical journey to fulfill an assignment given by God, Our Father.

For this situation, I was called to fast and pray with another believer. This assignment has the potential to save the world by stopping child trafficking. I'm sure you've heard of these horrendous Satanic actions now exposed to the world. The perpetrators are sick and evil people possessed by the worst kind of demons - who perform awful acts against innocent and helpless children, difficult to imagine.

As many of you already know, I experienced eleven years of sexual abuse (from birth) by an individual who murdered me three different times - but kept surviving. Eventually, with the Lord's help, we were able to stop him, but only after years of post-traumatic stress disorder and only as an adult who could fight back.

Each time I returned home to Heaven, I walked with God and was taught many things about fulfilling a mission to stop this individual and any other pedophiles I would encounter over the years of my life on earth. I've helped and worked with many others who suffered beyond comprehension.

Now, I am old, and looking back it seems my life was a training ground to handle the massive numbers of children who experience torture, rape, organ harvesting, extracting adrenochrome, slavery, *cannibalism, satanic rituals, murder, and more.

What can one old lady do to stop this? Alone, not much. But with the Lord's direction to fast, pray, and do Scripture study, I can transform into a Deborah from the Old Testament (Judges Gen.24:59; 35:8; and Judges 4 and 5), and be guided to find Deborah's Captain: Barak (meaning "Lightening." At Deborah's command, Barak led the army of Israel). Recently, I found this modern-day Barak, quite by accident. This Barak is similar to Deborah's Captain in that he agreed to do battle, by fasting, praying, and writing a song also under the direction of Father to turn the hearts of the pedophiles and save the children.

This modern-day Barak guided me through the Divine Court rules of Heaven, to help me forgive and open up my heart to heal. He showed me there was a better way to pray then what I had been doing which was: "Ask Father to kill all the perverts." Because of his knowledge of the Scriptures, the Canaanites (Pedophiles) will once again be stopped - this time by turning their hearts, making a permanent change. This change will stop future children from being hurt, and end the suffering of the ones currently in captivity.

Following the rules of the Divine Court of Heaven, our first combined fasting, prayer, and song efforts opened up clear lines of communication with Heaven, giving way to a powerful and humbling experience. Confidence and direction followed to keep performing a weekly spiritual 24-hour fast until the hearts turn and the children are safe. The numbers of pedophiles and captured children are massive. Each moment that passes, those numbers rise. There is no time to waste.

I challenge you to fast and pray for your personal testimony of what Father wants you to do to be part of His plan to Save the Children and us.

The following article can be found at

What Is Fasting?

In most cases, a spiritual fast involves abstaining from food while focusing on prayer. This can mean refraining from snacks between meals, skipping one or two meals a day, abstaining only from certain foods, or a total fast from all food for an entire day or longer.

For medical reasons, some people may not be able to fast from food altogether. They may choose to abstain only from certain foods, like sugar or chocolate, or from something other than food. In truth, believers may fast from anything. Doing without something temporarily, such as television or soda, as a way of redirecting our focus from earthly things toward God, can also be considered a spiritual fast.

Examples of Fasting in the Bible Old Testament Fasting
  • Moses fasted 40 days on behalf of Israel’s sin: Deuteronomy 9:9, 18, 25-29; 10:10.

  • David fasted and mourned the death of Saul: 2 Samuel 1:12.

  • David fasted and mourned the death of Abner: 2 Samuel 3:35.

  • David fasted and mourned the death of his child: 2 Samuel 12:16.

  • Elijah fasted 40 days after fleeing from Jezebel: 1 Kings 19:7-18.

  • Ahab fasted and humbled himself before God: 1 Kings 21:27-29.

  • Darius fasted in concern for Daniel: Daniel 6:18-24.

  • Daniel fasted on behalf of Judah's sin while reading Jeremiah’s prophecy: Daniel 9:1-19.

  • Daniel fasted regarding a mysterious vision from God: Daniel 10:3-13.

  • Esther fasted on behalf of her people: Esther 4:13-16.

  • Ezra fasted and wept for the sins of the returning remnant: Ezra 10:6-17.

  • Nehemiah fasted and mourned over the broken walls of Jerusalem: Nehemiah 1:4-2:10.

  • The people of Ninevah fasted after hearing the message of Jonah: Jonah 3.

New Testament Fasting

  • Anna fasted for the redemption of Jerusalem through the coming Messiah: Luke 2:37.

  • Jesus fasted 40 days before his temptation and the beginning of his ministry: Matt: 4:1-11

  • The disciples of John the Baptist fasted: Matt: 9:14-15.

  • The elders in Antioch fasted before sending off Paul and Barnabas: Acts 13:1-5.

  • Cornelius fasted and sought God’s plan of salvation: Acts 10:30.

  • Paul fasted three days after his Damascus Road encounter: Acts 9:9.

  • Paul fasted 14 days while at sea on a sinking ship: Acts 27:33-34.

The Purpose of Spiritual Fasting

While many people fast to lose weight, dieting is not the purpose of a spiritual fast. Instead, fasting provides unique spiritual benefits in the life of the believer.

Fasting requires self-control and discipline, as one denies the natural desires of the flesh. During spiritual fasting, the believer's focus is removed from the physical things of this world and intensely concentrated on God.

Put differently, fasting directs our hunger toward God. It clears the mind and body of earthly attention and draws us closer to God. So, as we gain spiritual clarity of thought while fasting, it allows us to hear God's voice more clearly. Fasting also demonstrates a profound need of God's help and guidance through complete dependence on him.


For everything there is a SEASON. A time to fast and a time to pray. It doesn't matter if you skip one meal or two. Your prayers will be answered and you will witness the results of a Divine Court in Heaven where hearts will be turned away from pedophilia and children's lives will be saved. Your own life will also greatly benefit.


Fasting is about resting: From food, from work, from thoughts, from exercise, and from distractions. When you fast you heal quickly (FAST). You prayerfully make an appointment with the Lord and let Him know this is serious to you, and you seriously need His help. On a spiritual level, you are willing to sacrifice eating for a time, and your prayers get answered - fast.

On a physical level, you could experience severe symptoms, or side-effects. In Natural Medicine we call this a "healing crisis." You want to prepare for a fast, as it can be dangerous, especially if you are on medications, drink coffee, or are a heavy meat eater.

Fasting is detoxing. If you have never fasted before, take it slow and easy. Build up your fasting/detoxing muscles slowly - one meal at a time.


If you choose to do a fast on a Saturday, on Friday you will eat healthily - plant-based preferably- and hydrate well with pure water, no alcohol - add lemon to your water and drink non-caffeinated herbal teas if you prefer.

Get a good night's sleep.

Pray that the Lord will bless your fast and you might talk to Him about the purpose of your fast, maybe to know His Will. For me I often ask for these concerns to be answered.

1. To Turn the Hearts;

2. To Save the Children;

3. To Heal Yourself, Your Family, A Friend, etc.

If your last food is consumed at 7:00 PM, then you refrain from eating one meal (Breakfast), or two meals (Lunch), or three meals (Dinner). Based on your health level and the pain level you feel when fasting, you proceed prayerfully and with caution.

A 24-hour fast means you would begin eating again at 7:00 PM.

Eventually you may want to work your way up to the type of fast Jesus did, called a "dry-fast." This means going without food or water for 24-hours. You need to be practiced and healthy to do a dry-fast. A 24-hour dry-fast has the intensity of a 4-5 day water fast, or a 30-day juice fast. It's not about the amount of time, or even how or what you refrain from doing, whatever type of fast you do, your efforts will be blessed. Know your limits.


Thank your Father for the privilege of helping by hearing your petition for the purposes you stated at the beginning of your Fast. Stay rested and prayerful throughout the entire fasting time.


Your first meal should be about hydration and fruit. Rest for the same amount of time you fasted. Be grateful, quiet, and reverent. You just did a great thing. For your health and help in knowing what your Father needs you to do. Plus you just communed with Deity. WOW.

God Bless. You can contact me on my WEBSITE with questions or just to let me know if you have any questions about fasting.
My personal mission involves fasting every Saturday (skipping three meals - food and water) until the Lord lets me know the Children are safe. There is a time to fast and a time to stop. It's not about what we want. It's about what the Lord wants.

NOTE: Cannibalism? I dare you not to throw up when you Google "eating humans." Again, the mind cannot comprehend how far down our world has gone. Fast and Pray for the light to return to all our brothers and sisters. Preach repentance and fast to turn the hearts. Pray for the children.

.Be Well ~ Be Safe ~ Be Happy


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