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The Warrior

I wrote this poem many years ago about an experience with child abuse. Recently, I re-read it and it takes my breath away - such revealing information about child trafficking and what our world is going through at the moment.

I challenge you to read it slowly and ponder the message to what is happening today.


"Who will protect me?" the trembling child cried.

"We will ...

maybe later," the masses all lied.


And the child withdrew in, until his very soul died.

As he grew, bruised and battered, leery and sad;

Not too much was lost ... Just another child's glad.

Then one day a wise man saw into his heart, and said

"Who will protect thee? You haven't been very smart.

Fast and pray for the wisdom, the answers lie there.

Purity body and thoughts- ... let the warrior fare."

So the child, although leery, hungered to trust one more time;

And called on his Warrior, who just waited inside.

He ate the foods of the Gods, exercised, fasted and prayed.

With his swiftness of sword, the past was conquered like play.

The child, now the warrior, became kind, loving and wise,

For he knew how to live, with FREEDOM inside.

By changing his thoughts, his patterns, and mostly, his life;

He changed his future, his friends, his community and wife.

"JUST DO IT," he'll tell you. "Start right now, Start today.

For your Warrior is waiting, to show you the way.

Wake up your Warrior. Be not afraid. Warriors are brave. You came to earth to be brave.

There are many who need you. Join other warriors.

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