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My Story

I've been writing stories about the lives of others for many years. When talking to friends and families about my life experiences, I often hear, "You should write a book about your life."

I replied, "No one would believe it."

My life is a series of events that most call "conspiracy theories." I call them simply, "my life."

To give you a hint of what this story might look like, I had four near-death experiences. Three as a child, murdered by my abuser. Restored to life by my Father in Heaven who sent me back to earth. He gave me a choice to finish my mission or stay in Heaven, where it was safe. I chose to go back to earth and finish what I started. So brave and so little.

What was I thinking?

I remember feeling very good about something my Father promised me: "You are sealed up against Satan. He will never have power over you, and I will never leave your side." I know that I have been in very dangerous situations, and I am always protected. Father never lies, and He loves us unconditionally. I know this for a fact. I learned that all His commandments (all ten of them) were given to us to protect us. I know that everything He does is for us. It doesn't always seem that way, but it is.

When I was eleven years old, my family moved to Naples, Italy, where my brother and I went to a NATO school with other children from all over the world. I was happy to be there and away from the clutches of my abuser. I swore an oath of a child beyond her years, that he would never touch me again, or one of us would die - I didn't care which. So young to be so brave and determined.

One hundred thousand of us children were gathered on the playgrounds of those NATO schools, without the knowledge or permission of our parents. We were given a shot - called a flu shot. I didn't die this time but went into a coma and became very sick. This flu shot was the infamous "monkey virus," which caused cancer.

Most of us were dead within a couple of decades. I've been told I am one of the few still living. So pardon me if I am an "anti-vaxxer." I have no interest in government forced vaccines. Not a theory for me - it's a fact.

The fourth near-death was as an adult - in child-birth. This time my dad, who had died in a car accident at only 42 years old, along with my Uncle Cliff, met me at the end of that long tunnel that others who experienced near-deaths, speak of. My dad said he was proud of me, but I wasn't done ... I would do great things and needed to go back.

I said, "No," and tried to run away. It was beautiful there, and I cannot even describe the feeling of love while having no pain. I ran for a time through a field of white daisies - my favorite flowers. Eventually, I felt a tug on my arm and I broke away. The tug become stronger and I then found myself on the bathroom floor in my hospital room surrounded by nurses, and a doctor took me to an emergency room to save my life. "Foolish mortals." I thought. "Leave me alone." But alas, I was back, and there was so much pain.

It wasn't long after this happened, I had a dream. It was a scary dream where I was flying a helicopter and looking for people in the wilderness who were being chased by people with guns. I landed, picked up the people being chased, and flew them to safety. I was rescuing people in a helicopter. How cool was that? I wasn't even a pilot then, but set a goal to become one as soon as possible.

The dream inspired me to write a book called: "Settling with Power: 3 Steps to Mastering Life." The three steps mirrored the three steps needed to be accomplished in a helicopter to avoid a pilot-error crash. I obeyed the near-death instructions, and thought I was done.

That was 40 years ago. Since then, I've struggled to fulfill my mission by working with veterans, first responders, and rescued victims of trafficking. I've helped them heal from traumatic brain injuries, physical injuries, post-traumatic stress disorders, and suicide attempts. I have two clinics - from sea-to-shining-sea: One in Alaska and one in Virginia. I thought I was done.


With each passing decade, I recall more of my conversations with my Father in Heaven while on our walks and talks about my mission. After I recall more details, I will have a dream about the details. Recently, I had another helicopter dream. I'm to keep flying my helicopter - but this time to use it to take me to different churches to share a message from God about Health, Wealth, and Freedom. I'm to be THE HELICOPTER PREACHER.

How cool is that?

I know so well these three topics of health, wealth, and freedom as three God-given blessings. Now, the world seems to be trying to take them from us - we, the Children of God. Health, wealth, and freedom are being compromised at levels we didn't think possible and in ways we never saw coming. What can we do about it? My inspiration says we have to change and fight on our knees, with non-violence but non-complying.

In the past, I read about Gandhi with interest and respect. Now we each have to be Gandhi in our own individual and distinctive ways. I daresay many of you have lately received callings from God to stand up for Him - through prayers and acknowledgment. To bring Him back into our daily lives, our schools, our work, and our families.

We are in the last days, my dear friends. We are witnessing first hand, Bible prophesies from the Book of Revelations coming true at warp speed. Wars, earthquakes, and the forming of a one-world order in religion, government, and economy. The mark of the beast is here. The scriptures are clear that we are to resist. Revelation 13:11-18

Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, and our Father in Heaven has never been more important than it is right now. We fight on our knees, and we stay in prayer. How do I know this?

I spent a year in solitude.

Mostly on my knees and mostly crying. I pleaded for our world and our country. I prayed to keep my family safe and to know what to do. I begged for the strength and fortitude to do His will. I spent this year on my knees in a small 600 square foot house in Alaska. I listened to prophecies and patriots speak of what was taking place in our world. I prayed for discernment - to know what was true and what were lies. Satan is deceitful and cunning. We cannot know the truth without our Father's help.

In Alaska, I created my own WAR ROOM, where I prayed for good people and for Father to cast out the bad ones. Father revealed to me when it was safe to return to Virginia. For a window of time, it was safe. Since I've been back, Virginia has returned to a place I hardly recognize. A place where health, wealth, and freedom are being compromised - stolen from we the people.

What can we do about this?

I'm sponsoring an event with The Veteran Wellness Center ( to educate people on how to return to our roots: God and the Constitution of the United States, a document I believe was written by inspired, faithful patriots. This event is coming on November 4th and 5th and will bring hope, direction, and clarity to a world gone mad.

This event is inspired by God. The speaker's words will be guided by God. I believe God will guide you and the ones who need to be there. It's being held at The Rock Church in Virginia Beach. I won't arrive in my helicopter, or maybe I will. You'll have to come and see.

May God Bless you and this country because in God we trust, and in America, we believe.

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