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Believing is Seeing

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

I'm not particularly eager to talk about uncomfortable things, but I'm going to share with you the one thing that frightens me more than anything else. When I was a child, I was hurt by a man everyone knew and respected. I tried to tell people, but they didn't believe me.

When I was older, I sang like a canary. I have been criticized by the ones who were supposed to care about me most of my life. I often heard, "why can't you just get over it? It happened. You make us uncomfortable."

Really? Pardon me. This monster didn't just kiss me on the cheek. He did terrible things to my little body that caused me to die - three different times, at ages 3, 5, and 11, but I came back to life. He was doing this to others as well. At eleven years old, I made sure he never touched me again or one of us would die, and I didn't care which one.

Do you believe me? I wonder if you are questioning my experience?

Because of not being believed, I always give people the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise. Life taught me to discern quickly between truth or lies. Most people I can read like a book. Still, I know how it feels to be uncomfortable with sexual-abuse. It's not supposed to happen to a child.

Kidnapping, Sex-Trafficking, Satanic Rituals.

Yikes. Gross. I'd rather talk about the weather. But not talking about these atrocities has allowed it to grow to forty-million victims worldwide. In the United States alone, there are 8.5 million children who disappear each year. These numbers are unacceptable. One is too many.

We can no longer tolerate this behavior at any level. It must stop. We all agree. But how? First, pray for courage to know the truth of what is going on. We have to face facts. Don't be afraid to talk about it or research the topic. No one likes to talk about suicide and the number rose to over twenty-two a day. Finally people are talking.

Next, pray to know how to share the truth. Know that people will say you are a kook, a conspiracy theorist, naive, and even dangerous. Once you've done your homework, you will be believable. Between prayer and research, you will have the confidence to not take it personal when people don't like you. Let Father in Heaven fight your battles for you. Form a partnership with Him to save His children.

Then we have to stop allowing ourselves to be distracted by parties - the political ones. Once we realize that the pictures on the old milk-cartons were real warnings, it will be difficult not to shout about the existence of this horrible crime. Because of you, things will begin to change. Seek out and listen to the rescued victims. Find ways to help them recover.

Pray to know what direction you should take. Then go and tell people. Even if it makes you uncomfortable, don't stick your head in the sand. I tried to tell people what the predator was doing to me. If someone had believed me, I would not have experienced so many near-deaths at his slimy hands.

To make our world a better place, we need each other, and the babies need us more. They can't fight back, nor can they verbalize their pain and suffering. They can only cry, and no one is answering their cries. I can't imagine, can you?

What do I want from you?

I just need you to believe me. Once you believe, you'll be guided towards what to do: Spiritually and through other people who continuously work to save the children. Check out Operation Underground Railroad. These ex-Navy Seals and military people are in the trenches doing undercover operations to rescue children. You can help by donating to their cause:

Pedophilia crosses party lines. Stop thinking politics is the issue. Nothing is more important than eliminating sex-trafficking. Pedophilia has almost destroyed our country and the world. God's judgment looms over us like an ax waiting to fall because we did not protect his precious children. And worse, we continue to do nothing about it.

It's not comfortable to face the vast numbers of missing children and the reality of what happens to them, but we have to believe, so they can be saved. We have to talk about it. It's also uncomfortable to believe so many of our leaders and entertainers are part of this crime.

Don't shoot the messenger.

Did you know that ending sex-trafficking has been and still is the number one mission of the Trump Administration? For the past four years, what has been taking place in the Whitehouse continues to be a combined Donald J. Trump and Military effort to stop the horrific abuse of children.

Currently, it is still the top priority. Of course, the mainstream media or social media wants you to ignore these facts. They would instead prefer you pay attention to a virus or an impeachment, or how Trump tied his shoes. "Go back to sleep," say the bad guys. Think of anything but this crime. Because they fight it so loudly and explicitly, one might wonder if they are hiding something?

There must be a reason they want us distracted. Why is there a need to block and censor us from talking about little victims of abuse or abortion? They want to put us in cages and reprogram us to their way of thinking, like paying attention to labels such as "conspiracy theories." Why do they call us names and cause division between differences? I say, "vive la différence!" Methinks they protest too much.

Pedophilia crosses party lines, and current affairs are about our children - rescuing them and preventing future murders. Let's join together to work on this plan to get rid of the pedophiles. Once that happens, the country can be run effectively. We need to take out the trash once and for all.

What if you were one of these children and escaped?

What if you escaped, found me, and told me what happened to you? Your only hope would be that I would believe you. You would say to me that horrible people did unthinkable things to you, and you had somehow, by a miracle, escaped. But now, they were trying to re-capture you and take you back.

You describe how they were going to kill you in the worst horrible way, by torture. You witnessed this happening to others. These evil people wanted something precious from your body, your very essence: Adrenaline (called Adrenochrome). Why? Because it makes them youthful and wealthier.

You pour out your heart and soul to me.

After you describe these experiences, you are exhausted and go silent. You hope I believe you because you sense my belief will stop them from ever hurting you again. But it isn't enough for you to only save yourself. You want me to rescue the other children in captivity and stop this from happening. How would you feel if I didn't believe you?

Your worst fear is that you are not believed because you would end up back with them.

If I decide not to believe you, I might wonder how you got such an imagination? I would think you are crazy or want attention. So I put on my mask and go back to the gym while listening to my very positive books on tape: "Think and Grow Rich." "Perception is reality." I would try to remember to mention you in my evening prayers. I might even put you on another prayer list. I'm good like that.

"Sex-trafficking has taken place for decades," some people tell me. "Baby sacrificing has always been around. It's in the Bible," others say. This morning I was patronized by someone informing me, "We create our own realities." What does that mean? That these children came to earth and "thought" they should be tortured, raped, and murdered, so they were? Or maybe since I had a similar experience, I see things that aren't there? Did I create my reality of abuse? I think not. Nice try Devil.

Evil is deep and pervasive. It will say or do anything to distract and dissuade you from seeing the truth. Evil turns around the facts, twisting them in ways that make people doubt. It turns people against each other. At the same time, we pay attention to "essential" things, defined by evil, such as a pandemic, fears, what's wrong with Trump, or what's wrong with us? Evil tries to convince it is all knowing. In the meantime, children continue to be kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered. Sometimes they eat the child. Excuse me while I throw up.

Do you remember seeing pictures of lost children on milk cartons? These babies have been crying out to us forever. I remember seeing the milk-carton-photos, and my soul wrenched, but I didn't know what to do about it. Seriously, I didn't want to think of such atrocities again. I had had my own child-abuse experience and barely survived. What could I do? I've learned there is a lot I can do, and helping others made my experience look like a walk-in-the-park.

On the flip side, what if I believed you?

Seeing is believing. Believing is seeing. To be rescued is the prayerful thought of every abused child. So I believe you and I shout for joy as I grab you up in my arms and hold you in a good way until you stop shaking and crying. I tell you how sorry I am, and I promise to prevent this from ever happening to you again. "Over my dead body," I tell you from the depths of my soul. Your little body then falls asleep in my arms, exhausted. Trusting.

What if your story changed my life and I got involved? The comparison of our two worlds is extreme. I'm comfortable in my world of biases and distractions. Your world consists of pain and suffering. Pandora's Box. But what if I decided to make a difference in one life? And that one life was yours? What if my decision to believe you set off a wave of changes in the world until it was safe for all children?

I ask you now, the reader, to consider the possibility that sex-trafficking and satanic rituals are real, and what if YOU could stop it? You could be an action-hero. What if your willingness to help sets off a chain reaction that ends up protecting your child from being one of those little victims?

I'm begging you to believe. Please help save the children.

Sex-trafficking, satanic rituals, Adrenochrome extractions, harvesting of children, alive and aborted, for their organs, to create vaccines, and other horrendous deeds, even cannibalism are very real and are happening. Right now. It has been happening under our noses for decades.


Seriously? I have no words to describe how disgusted I am with this guy and the others like him. Are you getting a clue as to why these people hate Trump? What? Oh, you don't believe it? Well tell that to the children they keep in cages.

The military knows and is working non-stop to put an end to this. Donald J. Trump and his family and team know it, and they won't stop until the children are safe. Why do you think they work such long hours, suffer raging hatred, lies, and risk their lives? It is to protect us and the little ones hidden underground. They are working on a plan to rescue and prevent future barbarities.

I finally figured out what to do about the milk-carton-pictures. I'm doing it now. I'm sharing with you because I believe. I'm holding the line because I trust there is something going on to stop the evil and bring good. I feel it, don't you? The faster we believe, the quicker this can be over. Especially for the children.

Believe in the Children. Believe in heroes. Be a Hero.

I remember all too well my dad being spit upon by Americans when he returned from Viet Nam. The leaders in that era through the media worked hard to turn us against our beloved military. I think this was planned and carried out for a purpose. The purpose was to discredit our military heroes. Now, they want to defund the police.

Pedophiles do anything to make sure we never feel safe because we have nowhere to run. This type of control is very familiar to me, as the pedophile in my childhood often told me I had nowhere to run. "No one will believe you," he smiled. Destruction of safety, even in the mind, is sinister and can have long-term affects on little children.

Some of us realized the falsehood of blaming our Viet Nam era soldiers and turned it around. Now we love and respect our military warriors. We give them the credit and gratitude they richly deserve, because they do our dirty work. They fight to keep us safe. Why would they risk so much? Because they believe in freedom. I hope we never forget how we were duped into thinking our soldiers were the problem with the Viet Nam War, when in reality the problem was our leaders, pedophiles. They start wars to feed their need for child harvesting and gain wealth. Believe it or not. I know it's true.

The military knows about sex-trafficking. I am privileged to work with these heroes. To help them heal and recover. They've seen and experienced horrendous things. They know I believe them so they tell me these things. Twenty-two suicides every day within their ranks? Does anyone wonder why? Not if you know what they've seen. Lot's of them have written books that are then ridiculed. Evil tries to discount the value of life, truth, and freedom.

Hollywood knows about sex-trafficking. Not because they care and are trying to save the children, but they are guilty of hurting the children. Members of Hollywood sold their souls a long time ago for fame. Believing is seeing - open your eyes so that you can see the truth. What's essential in Hollywood? Fame, youth, and wealth. All of this comes with a price, paid for by our children: Enslaved and tortured. While they get Emmy Awards.

We thought we chose our leaders, but now learn that they control the votes by fraud. They know about sex-trafficking—first hand. Many have succumbed to the enticings or blackmail by the ones running the show. These people are deeply involved in what is known as the Cabal or Deep State. It's been called the Swamp, and it crosses party-lines and infiltrates religions. I have been told by military people that Joe Biden was stopped by TSA for having a liquid in a bottle. It was identified as "Adrenochrome". Do you get it, yet? Sex-trafficking is rampant in all countries of the world. There has been a massive cover-up of this crime by the elite who profit from it.

"Please believe me," said the child who could not protect himself, while looking hopefully to you, the only person who can rescue him. Be that child's hero:

Don't quit until our children are safe.
Keep believing until your eyes open.

To be continued ...

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