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How Happy Found Her Freedom

Happy was born happy because she believed she was free. Freedom was everything to her and she often prayed with gratitude for the privilege of living free. She also lived well, accomplishing much good and bringing beautiful children onto Planet Earth. And they brought in more beautiful children. Life was good until one day, everything changed. Freedoms were gone, from her world, and faith and fun were replaced by fear and enslavement.

"What happened?" she and everyone wondered.

Happy needed to figure this mystery out, so she did her homework and learned how this happened. She realized that many brave individuals had paid for her freedom - some with their lives. She realized that freedom wasn't free, and now it was her turn to pay. She decided she would pay with her life as well, if necessary, for anything was worth making sure her grandchildren lived as free as she had lived. Nothing was more important that living FREE.

What she learned as she spent hours doing research, was that she had never been free. It had all been fake. An illusion. Some very greedy, power-hungry people had created systems that only gave the illusion of freedom. The ruse had gone on so far and so long that is seemed it was hopeless to be able to turn around the conditions of slavery, of forced vaccines, masks, and more.

Despair covered the earth like a heavy blanket, and people stopped being happy. These losses of freedoms were meant to completely remove hope and enslave the world. The end result was to place the mark of the beast on her and the ones she loved: family and friends. Even worse was that many of her family and friends didn't believe or see this coming. So they fought her as much as the ones who knew the truth, but spread the lies.

There was NO WAY Happy would stand by and see this happen. "No greater love has a man than to lay down his life for a friend." Happy was willing to fight to the death. She hoped it wouldn't come to that, but the evil had gone way too far, uncontrolled, and ignored for too long.

Could it be reversed?

While she was researching, she stopped watching mainstream media. They lied so much it was impossible to discern any truth, and they caused concern and anxiety. She prayed to find accurate reporters of truth. Her prayers were answered as she was guided to military veterans who had become Pastors. They were leading the charge and making enormous efforts to help others do their homework. "Hold the line." They said. "Never give up."

This was a different kind of war. It was a battle of information, and the truth was not easy to determine. Happy learned to believe in the ones the media blocked. That was a short cut. Happy also learned to pray for wisdom and guidance. Her prayers were answered. Prayers guided her to the bottom line of truth.

Here's what she learned:

In the year 1999, Russel-Jay: Gould showed up on the scene to save America. He had been raised in America. He was a regular happy dude similar to Happy's life. He was an athlete, a smart guy who liked to figure out how things worked. When he figured out something, it was usual for him to push the rules to the limit. He bothered people who didn't want to be questioned. I think he and Happy could be great friends.

He really enjoyed the intricacies of sentence diagramming. He became a master of the documents that formed the United States of American, at conception. He figured out the Post Office was the corporate control of our government. Going back to the roots of America, he figured out that Benjamin Franklin was a traitor who sold us into slavery by how the grammar in words used in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution were written. Russell-Jay: Gould smelled a rat in Washington DC and kept digging deeper.

He discovered secrets from bad leaders who were part of 13 original elite families about to take over the world. The whole story can be found in the RESOURCES at the bottom of this BLOG. A lot of the information is told in the previous BLOG: "How Happy Lost Her Freedom." It's a fascinating documentary - long but worth it. I had to listen to it several times before I began to understand what he did for us. Was he just in the right place at the right time? Or was he guided by a higher power, who didn't want to see our world destroyed?

Or is he just a big kook?

Russel-Jay: Gould and his best friend, through grammar, syntax, and mathematical equations, uncovered a plot laid out in 1786 to destroy America. In summary, this plot was being completed as the bankruptcy condition set up then, ended in 1999, along with the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Each State would be placed back into a territory under martial law and rule through the Governor's office. The flag authorization would have ended. The United States of America would fall completely into the hands of the Post Master General of the World - of Great Britain and the Vatican. Our children would continue to be kidnapped and murdered, and we would receive the mark of the beast.

Done deal.

Knowing this, Russel-Jay: Gould filed a claim to the flag. His story is better than any movie I ever saw. His suffering was great as he was jailed, beaten, and ridiculed. If people believed him, they also went to jail, and their assets were stolen.

Freedom isn't free.

Russel-Jay: Gould figured out how evil had taken over the world, made us all slaves, and the final act to accomplish this forever was to take place in 1999. He figured out it came down to the flag's foundation because whoever was the bearer and owner of the flag became the Post Master General of the World, the one who controlled the world. He grabbed the flag through copyright laws, and took down the whole system of deceit and now holds them accountable, and makes them perform based on their own grammar/words.

What did he do?

He broke their code. He voided their contract. He freed us. But he is only one. We need to stand up to these liars and fake leaders and refuse to be controlled anymore. The military know who he is and how important he is to our ongoing freedom. They told me about this. You need to figure out who he is and understand what he did.

Not one of the "bad guys" knew what Gould was doing until it was too late. He bravely and quietly filed for the United States of America's copyright and trademark - he captured the very flag of the United States of America, and he ran with it.

When they realized he had beaten them at their own game, they went after him. He's been arrested, beaten, received broken bones, and threatened, but to no avail. He refuses to give back the flag. He won't release us back to them. He also refuses to relinquish his positions as Post Master General of the World and Head of the Supreme Court. You will be amazed at what he has done. He could not have done all this without the help of Heaven.

"Why did you do all this?" we can ask him. His answer, "So Americans and the world can live free." Greater love has no man ...

Now that's my idea of a true American Patriot. A hero among us. Go back to hell, Lucifer. You are beaten. Take your minions with you. You can't have any more of our babies. We have a lot of living to catch up. We have a lot of healing to give.

Now, every child born can grow up to be the President of the United States, or even better than that, they can grow up to be the Post Master General of the World - just like Russel-Jay: Gould.

When Happy learned all this, she jumped up and down, clapping her hands and thanking God for this man who saved her, her country, and her world.

She contemplated about all the things she heard and asked: "Why didn't they just kill Mr. Gould?" That's a good question and one I don't know the answer. There must be some reason. Many have been killed along this journey to fight for the independence of America. This has been a dangerous journey. But for now, Happy must rest. There is much work to do, but we are free to do it.

Rest well, our sweet babies. We've got your backs and promise it will be better for you and yours. In the future, more healthy, happy babies will be born to parents who adore them. And the middle class will be like the Garden of Eden, as it was meant to be. There is enough wealth on the earth for all of us to live well, without hunger. The greedy ones took more than their share - and they even took us.

Have faith. Hold the line. Be of good cheer. Be brave. We have safety in numbers. We have a noble mission to complete - a mission to save our children. We are at the finish line. Don't quit now.


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