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How Happy Lost Her Freedom

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Once upon a time, a happy girl left her loving home in Heaven and came to Planet Earth to be born to parents who adored her and, at their first glance at her smile, they appropriately named her "Happy."

Her parents lived in America and were considered "middle class," which was financially poverty level, but Happy never knew she was poor because she never lacked love. She was "happy."

Happy grew up and enjoyed her life. She contentedly and lovingly watched her beloved grandchildren play, grow, and prosper - as she had. But she became less comfortable as she realized things she had not noticed before. Something sinister was taking place, and there was a dark and evil cloud spreading over her Planet Earth home. It began to be obvious with the pictures of missing children on the milk-cartons.

Who was taking all these children? She cringed.

It didn't take long to realize there was an ominous cloud growing larger with each passing day. Evidence was seen that this situation had formed long before her parents were born. It was so outrageous and barbaric; it was difficult to believe. Besides, no one wants to believe such horrible things. Happy saw many signs that made her sad and concerned for her grandchildren and other children of the world, so she determined to change the world for the children.

Happy was born into this world as a beautiful child of God - made in His image - all excited at the possibilities but unaware that there might not be the same possibilities for her children. The world had been her oyster, and she lived fearlessly, happily, and joyfully. Suddenly, and without warning, there was a huge change: A pandemic, lockdowns, business losses, divisions between family and friends. Anger. Masks. Vaccines that killed. Freedom forfeited at every corner of life. It became impossible to know who was telling the truth.

No one could be trusted: Not leaders in government, politics, or religions.

How did this happen? When did this happen? It was past time to search for reasons, but desperation forced her to look for answers.

What Happy learned made her unhappy: She discovered some very strange facts. She realized all children are born in captivity, not freedom. Happy found there was an old school Masonic System in place. This system kicked in as soon as a child is born on Planet Earth in America. Children are held in a state of war: Born of the water, in a shipping war, and governed by the laws/rules of Maritime Law.

This means the child is captured into the war - unaware of their captivity. Parents are clueless because they were captured into the same condition at their birth, as were their parents. This wasn't new and had been going on since the 1700s.

In other words - the child is property and not a free person. How can this be? A child becomes a "vessel," or a boat - owned and operated by the laws of the sea, overseen by an individual not even in America. What the heck was going on?

Here's the deal she found: The child is born of their Mother's water while docked as a vessel harbored in the dry dock known as a hospital. (A dry dock is considered to be a boat parked on the land.) All "vessels" are tricked into believing that it is necessary to be delivered by a doctor. This doctor is a registered harbormaster, licensed by the port authorities and authorized by the Department of Transportation.

When a child is born in this dry dock, overseen by this harbormaster (doctor), they are then considered a "Ward of the State" for a short time. They are deemed an outlaw by the powers in charge of this business arrangement - until the parents sign their "contract." The contract is the birth certificate. Who knew? It seemed so innocent.

Even though Happy was born in the State of Ohio, the real governing "state" was the corporation known as: "State-of-Affairs." Next, she was placed into a maternity ward, where she was foot-printed and given chemicals (shots and drugs in your eyes and mouth), so she never became too healthy or too aware or smart.

The heads of this corporation don't want her to die; they need her to be fit enough to work for them, generate taxes and produce more kids to work for them, but sick enough to contribute to their medical plan (their multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical business.) This process has job-security for all of the corporate heads.

Okay - my bias. But I've found evidence this is true. You figure it out for yourself.

Facts: Under the Maritime system's laws, the child is considered a "Ward of the State" until the birth certificate is signed. Then the child can be brought into the State-of-Affairs. It becomes necessary to brand the child as belonging to them. They plan to brand with the "mark of the beast," but the technology to do that has only recently been available.

In the meantime, the birth certificate has been the "brand." Until the parents sign the birth certificate, the child remains an outlaw - outside of the system. So unsuspecting parents are encouraged to sign the birth certificate quickly, and now all the heads of the corporation are glad to have another commodity to take to the bank.

Needless to say, the child is not free. They are a slave.

The corporate heads let you think you are free because that makes you more productive and valuable. The birth certificate is a commercial instrument saying you are now owned under the old school Maritime laws (implemented by old Masonic rules). Still, you are nothing more than a piece of cargo, or a vessel, or a dead person presumed to be dead or missing off the sea. You only exist for the pleasure of your headmaster, who has always been the Post Office Master General of the World - the King of England.

Doesn't that make you happy?

So Happy learned since the time the Bill of Rights and the Constitution were written, all children are born into a triple governing force: The sea, the land, and the bank. All these rules are in favor of the bank, not in the child's favor. When you are given a social security number, they estimate how many taxes you will pay over your lifetime. They take that birth certificate and present it on the capital market and earn money on it. That's where the banking side comes into play.

In reality, the child is seen as the person who has her birth certificate pledged. The facts are, you're here, in a state-of-affairs not as a citizen. You have been converted from a human being and a US citizen into chattel.

What is Chattel?

Chattel is a legal term for something which is property. You are now considered the property of the Federal Reserve of the Global Construct of the Post Master General of the World - always the King of England, and his assigned contractors. To be done with however they see fit.

So, don't shoot the messenger. You are free not to believe me, but I hope you will believe enough to do your own research. I didn't believe this when I first read about it and then searched deeper and deeper until there it was. Proof. Truth. There is evidence of this. Other people, smarter than me, figured it out. I just followed the money.

And there is more.

In the study of history, all were taught that in 1776, America decided to break away from England. We are proud of this decision and proud of our ancestors and early leaders. Here's a hint: Sometimes History books are written by people who want to present the facts in such a way as to have us believe in specific ways. Not always true, or at least - twisted.

As we've seen so much evidence today, the mainstream media is always presenting their version of the truth - never just the facts - or never allowing us to make up our minds. If you look at different history books written by other individuals - at different times of history - you find significant discrepancies. Look for clues and read between the lines. There was a lot in history we were not taught.

In 1786, we believed that great leaders, at the risk of death, made us a sovereign nation and that we became free to govern ourselves. Our ancestors (many died for those sought after freedoms) also believed they had achieved independence from Great Britain.

They worked hard to draw up documents such as the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. "We the People" were unaware that they had been sold down the tube by a man most of them respected and loved. He was a traitor.

His name was Benjamin Franklin, and he worded the documents using particular grammar and syntax so that they were contracts designed to return our country to England. Instead of the "Bill of Rights" that we believed "let freedom ring," it was more specifically a "Bill of Sale."

Believe it or not.

Suppose you just make a decision based on your current beliefs. In that case, you are missing the opportunity to know the truth: Benjamin Franklin was a French Attorney working for the English Crown as a secret-agent to capture the United States of America. The Constitution was signed in 1789.

In reality, this document was a bankruptcy trust putting the United States into a seventy-year international bankruptcy for three million dollars of debt. The Bank of England picked up the note through the Rothschild family (later the Federal Reserve), which turned the United States into an international bankruptcy corporation.

The United States, Inc. corporation no longer exists, thanks to the amazing courage of two American patriots, but is still pretending to function today - in Washington DC. This makes DC a hostile foreign nation. People in high places know this is a fact. They continue to exist because we allow them to do so. We encourage them to do so. They are right - we are dumbed down. They think we can't see because we don't want to. That might be true.

Follow the Money

I like the idea that money is NOT the root of all evil, but the pursuit of money. When pursued, money is blamed for causing evil and used as a power control tool throughout Planet Earth. The controllers of the Federal Reserve were originally the elite and influential or powerful families.

The number of families in control became less than thirteen - there is evidence that they've killed each other off. Yikes. Is no one safe? Hint: The Titanic was no accident. Several families of the original thirteen were on it. But that another bedtime-story.) The members of these families have been prestigious, wealthy, and power-hungry. When John F. Kennedy vowed to expose and stop them ... well, you know what happened. And what happened is not what we've been told. Dig deeper.

If something is complicated, there's usually a reason - and this story is very complicated. It's unbelievable. That's what they "bank on." But if you will follow the clues, you will discover the truth. Do your homework. I believe in you. You are smart, caring, and loving of your family, our country, and most important, you are a Believer. That's a powerful combination. One that always wins in the long run. One that is despised by the power hungry elite.

Freedom isn't Free

This is a true statement. Many before us died to make sure we live free. We've enjoyed our illusion of "state of freedom." But that is over. We have to fight for our freedom and to make sure our children can live free and safe. There are remnants from the traitors who set us up in 1786 that we have to change. The first step to change is to recognize that things are not what they seem. And there are no coincidences. Everything we've witnessed and been told - might be lies. Including 9-11. Dig.

We have to break the chains of slavery. Fortunately, we aren't being asked to grab our weapons and shoot at people yet. But why are they so intent on taking away our guns - that's a clue. Current Patriots are asking us to do our homework and learn the truth. Then share it with those you influence and love.

CONCLUSION: A Bedtime Story

Happy was born smiling because she thought she was born free. As soon as her parents saw her new-born face, they named her Happy. It suited her.

When she was an adult, she realized that not all things are as they seem. But where and when did things go wrong? She did her homework to find out why things worked the way they work. What were the structures behind them, she wondered, and how could she build back old accepted systems in a way that could create a better world? Happy worked to discover when this illusion took hold of her world and how it was done.

Through her education journey, she was blocked continuously by the conspirators. They censored her questions, threatened her, called her names, such as racist, conspiracy theorist, terrorist, and more. These attacks confused Happy because she loved everyone, even prayed for her enemies. But because they reacted so violently, Happy figured she must be on to something. She kept searching.

Through her studies, Happy learned the corrupt system's source. But good always wins, so she continued to fight the good fight. What choice did she have? What was the alternative? She couldn't give up. Her children's lives were at stake.

She learned about the corrupt system that had been formulated and put into place by an old Masonic group along with thirteen-original-elite-bullies who believed they were better than the rest of the world. These bullies thought they should run the world and control the wealth. So, their system turned everyone into slaves. The goal was to kill whomever they wanted to kill (population control) and collect taxes from those they allowed to live. To buck them was suicide, in real life, business, finances, and reputation.

No one could believe this "state of affairs" was possible. It seemed bizarre. It had to be seen with your own eyes. For now, Believing is Seeing. You can't make up stories like this.

The bad news is: None of us were ever free.

The good news is: We can be free - soon.

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