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Updated: May 1, 2020

I was born into a family who loved me but didn't see the storm that was in place destroying our family. Because they could not face that such a storm even existed, their eyes were closed. They were caught off guard while an individual created a storm of abuse on me and my cousins. Fighting the storm of family abuse is never fun. It is devastating on every level of human existence and the side effects can continue for generations.

This storm is not unlike the one facing our world now. It's there and some cannot face that such a storm of evil could even exist. Some have their eyes closed as well as their minds. Some believe the lies and don't see the danger. Some are content to believe our leaders will protect us. We allow these leaders to abuse us as they divide us so we can be conquered. Not unlike the history of the Jews. Some won't learn from history.

Let me further explain with the following "visual" aid:


This is not a pretty story, but the end results are excellent. It sounds bizarre because it is, but this is not the time nor the place to go into detail. I have written books on this subject, and wasted way too much of my life overcoming the side-effects. The point here is not to fan the flames of these memories but to share with you some amazing things that came out of that storm. I know this will seem unbelievable and horrific, but it happened to me. The perpetrator in my family-storm actually killed me three times. Obviously, they were near-deaths, as I'm still here and trust me - I'm kicking. Each time I died, I returned to Heaven, determined NOT to go back. To my dismay, I was sent back into the planet-earth-storm after being given an amazing heavenly pep-talk tied to a very spiritual gift. Three death experiences and three gifts. By the grace of God.

The Three Gifts.

At three-years-old I returned to Heaven and was given the gift of "never-give-up." Of course, I didn't understand what that meant, but it made me feel better and somehow even at such a young age this gift gave me hope. As I advanced through life - never giving up has really served me well. It brought success in business, family, religion, relationships, health, and much more. As a by-product of never-give-up, I developed determination - a useful skill in survival. Another by-product came into place - a sense of humor. Having the ability to laugh at myself and others, helps me get up in the morning and keep going. All very important skills for today's world.

At five-years-old, I returned to Heaven for the second time and was given the gift of discernment or the ability to recognize truth. Can you imagine? A five-year-old thoughtfully and quietly able to see the reality of planet earth's shenanigans? Having the ability to know or recognize the pitfalls before they happened? I could write another book on the problems I was able to avoid. It kept me away from any further human abusers, as well as chemical abusers: such as drugs and alcohol. The gift of discernment brought wisdom and kept me healthy and happy. Blessings of the highest order.

At the ripe old age of eleven came the final near-death experience from this perpetrator. I was given the gift of forgiveness. Later, I recall sitting alone in my bedroom in Naples, Italy, 6,000 miles away from him - so I was feeling safe. I contemplated and planned who he would never touch me again or one of us would die. I didn't care which one. The gift of forgiveness was much needed, as I was growing into a stalwart crusader for the underdog - at that point: ME. This gift has made me balance my warrior attitude with compassion to myself and others. Using these three gifts, I eventually destroyed the storm of abuse in my family world and become the storm that would fight evil the rest of my life. I am now a super hero.

Skills Defined My Life - Not Experiences

Why am I telling you these things? Because I know you were also given gifts. I hope you did not receive them in the same way, but it is what it is. We are here on planet earth at the same time. Therefore there must be a connection. I don't believe in coincidences. You rock and together we roll. We can make a difference by joining forces to create the storm of all storms, and overcome the pitiful evil storms. Alone, not so much.


Our mission is to become the storm. To do this, we have to keep our eyes open, along with our minds, so we do not become lost to the current storm of deceit, and hidden agendas to control and destroy. This current storm is huge and evil. It grows when we don't stand up to it and by doing what it commands. It gets bigger and stronger when we do nothing.

We have to become the storm of truth. Bigger than the one threatening us. We can't give up, because too much is at stake: Our families. We have to be able to recognize truth so we can resist reacting to lies. We have to forgive each other and not give in to "the bad guys."

The evil storm is doing everything to keep us separated from our God, family, friends, and work. The evil storm is working to weaken us in order to control us. Our children have been targeted for abortions, sex trafficking, and even satanic-worshipping which is alive and well. Our God will not tolerate this behavior for long.

Satanism is a group of ideological and philosophical beliefs based on Satan. Contemporary religious practice of Satanism began with the founding of the Church of Satan in 1966, although a few historical precedents exist.Wikipedia

Now, let the truth be told, even if the threatening storm is great.

Together we have a greater opportunity to win the eternal battle between good and evil. Together we can be super heroes, creating a powerful storm for good. Our world, country, family, and lives require our services. We need to be the best we can in body, mind, and spirit. We need to be brave. How do we do that?

  • Become Fearless in numbers with truth as our shield

  • Seek out the Truth - this is the hard work

  • Learn to recognize the Truth - the more we seek out truth - the easier this becomes

  • Practice living the Truth - this is the fun part

  • Share the Truth - this is the powerful part

For now, just be open minded. Let's rock and roll this storm.


to-be-continued . . .

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