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The HERO award goes to a two-year-old on an American Airlines flight. WOW. What a great example:

There is strength in numbers

"American" Airlines? Really? Pretty un-American. There are over 25 articles on the internet and news about this "event." Still, I chose ABC News to quote here because so many of you are afraid of information coming from anyone other than Main Stream Media liars. WTH?

Do you remember when life was happy and less complicated? Think back to February of 2020. What changed everything? It was the fear implanted about a virus. We've been through these virus false-scares before, and we paid no attention to them. They came, they went. Why did we pay attention to this one? It is less dangerous than others, but it seems the world was primed to be afraid. Why was that? How was evil able to finally control us?

Important questions and answers:
  • "Where's the proof?" - Answer: Stop watching MSM, and you'll find it.

  • "Snopes says ..." - Answer: Snopes is part of the enemy liars.

  • "Science shows ..." - Answer: No, it doesn't. Do your homework.

  • "Where do you get your protein?" - Answer: Too much protein causes cancer.

  • "Prove it ..." - Answer: You prove it wrong.

  • "Until something happens, I'm doing nothing ..." - Answer: A million things are happening every day.

  • "The "date" came, and nothing happened ..." - Answer: You are watching Main Stream Media and missing a million things that are happening.

  • "All those are conspiracy theories ..." - Answer: They've all come true.

  • "I voted for Biden ..." - Answer: I don't even know what to say ...

  • "This world is doomed ..." - Answer: There is always hope.

  • "How do you know who to believe?" - Answer: Who is getting censored?

  • "Where did you get that information?" - Answer: Go and look for it yourself. Start with searching Satanic Worshipping. You'll find out about masks, power, censoring, manipulation, etc.

  • "How do we remove evil from the planet?" - Answer: It is being done, but it isn't easy and takes time. Trust. Pray. And research. Turn off the "television." Turn off the channeling by the "Channels." Stop listening to the media.

  • "Where do I start?" - Answer: Search "ever given" and "evergreen" and "Hollywood."

It's a Jungle Out There

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