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My Country Tis-of-Thee

Where have you gone, my beloved America? My country tis-of-thee? I can’t find you anywhere – you’ve disappeared – but not from my memory. I was born on your shores and grew used to your treasures, your safety, and your grace. Did I take your assets for granted? Did I forget those who died for freedom? I didn’t think so, but here I am. Lost and away from the world that I love. Missing the place where I used to live. Where is the "land of the free?"

We fought this battle before in Heaven in a spiritual form, and Lucifer and his followers (one-third of Heaven) were cast out. I thought the war was over, but they came to earth and have been trying to kill us ever since. He doesn’t care how he fights this battle, how many of us die, or how many children suffer – from torture, extracting adrenochrome, hurting them, harvesting their organs, and even eating them. There is no honor among these demons, and they have infiltrated every country in the world through the top leaders, even The US of A. Even to the current Presidential Administration. Sick. Yes, they are sick. We can’t even imagine the horrific things they do. They lie, cheat, and steal.

Freedom used to ring. It was a wonder to behold, but now Communism and Satanic rituals have slithered through the cracks through our complacency – our slothfulness has created and accepted a life surrounded by this toxic vapor – enveloping our families and smothering our joy. While we were enjoying our lives, we forgot to be careful and grateful. The scriptures tell this story over and over. Good people, children of God, become content, and then they fail their Father. Next, evil sees an opportunity to grow like thick dark smoke and move silently while disintegrating us without a fight. How did this happen?

We didn’t choose our leaders wisely. We didn’t keep our children safe. We didn’t care about the things our Father in Heaven cares about, like abortion. We ignored the pictures on the milk cartons – evil works in plain sight, and we chose not to see. Now we see this evil handiwork everywhere. Where is our Paul Revere? He came. He cried out. But we were busy watching TV. Many heard the alarm. Did you?

Because evil has gained a firm foothold, we have to fight harder to rid our beloved country of these tyrants. What have we lost so far? So much. Not guns, yet. And we haven’t lost God. He is our only hope. And it seems that He is not listening because He sent many warnings that we chose not to hear or see. If He is disappointed in us, we are not surprised. Repent ye. Repent ye. Scripture warnings are still loudly crying out this urgent message.

Our ever-forgiving Father sent a leader, even a modern-day David. We were content to let him fight this battle alone, and now he is gone. We have to fend for ourselves, and we are sore afraid. How did the evil ones convince us that a bug was more dangerous than living free? We were once so brave and strong. We were innocent and noble. We were happy because we were free.

Now we cower in our homes. We hide from each other. We turn our friends in for not complying. We glare at our brothers and sisters who dare to say no. And we blame God, science, Trump, the conspiracy theorists, the deplorable, the hillbillies, the racists, or anyone but ourselves.

One might conclude we’ve thrown in the towel. The evidence of the toss is across our faces – we gladly wear their masks of shame and are glad to do our (their?) part – because it requires very little of us. Didn’t we learn anything this past year? We lie to ourselves that we wear the mask to save others while our children watch and know better.

Children are not so easily fooled. They know we have sacrificed them. No school, no sports, no fun, unless they also wear the mask of shame and receive the “shot” heard round the world. The beast-shot. The eternal “mark.” Children are not at risk from this bug, but we throw them under the bus. Maybe if we comply, the beast will let us return to the life we threw away. We continue to worship the mask and the shot—our graven images.

I never thought America could fall like this in my wildest imaginings: With no dignity, with no battle, and with no pride. I didn’t know how far the Machiavellians were capable of stooping until I recently flew on a commercial airline. They herd us like animals from gate to the gate while constantly broadcasting their rules/commands in thousands of signs and over the loudspeaker. You cannot escape because our faces are covered with cloth, like Lazarus in his tomb. That’s where they want us in a tomb.

How did they accomplish this feat? They joined together, and all told/spoke the same lies. They took over the media, the places of higher education, they compromised our leaders, and they joined forces. How do we undo it? We need to learn something from them:

  1. Join forces.

  2. Don’t believe their lies.

  3. Don’t even listen to their lies because if we hear, we are looking into the eyes of demons, and we can be trapped.

Many have.


So for all you who got “the shot” so you could travel – guess what? Not only did you compromise your health - you got no guarantees for travel. This is the speech from the flight crew: “Every passenger must wear a mask the entire time on this flight. The vaccine does not change this fact.” Besides destroying your health, what did you gain?

If you already got it and realize you’ve been duped, now we need to get your immune system better because vaccines cause a huge HIT or drain on your body and your natural defenses.

Anthony William’s new book Medical Medium, REVISED AND EXPANDED, Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness, and How to Finally Heal, has much information regarding COVID-19. He has been teaching the truth about viruses for over 30 years. You will find answers in his info. You will see reality and safety. Don’t walk to get this book … RUN. Take back your power. Give yourself the gift of life, freedom, and health. It’s all up to you. Nothing you’ve heard from the mainstream media or the current Presidential Administration is true.

Aren’t you craving truth yet?

I could go on for hours, telling you the truth we need to hear. But don’t believe me. Find out for yourself. Search the scriptures, your heart, your life through prayer and meditation. Pray for the wisdom of Solomon and the strength of David. Pray to have the voice of Deborah. Here are some articles to help get you started:


It's a Jungle Out There.

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