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Oh Say Can You See My Children - Part I

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

It's 3:33 in the morning. My BLOGS are my weapons: What can I do to fight for the right?

A million words charged through my mind, but they were disjointed, unorganized, and unclear—nothing like the instructions that generally come from Him—more like my scattered thoughts when I'm tired. My nice warm bed was calling me back. What can I do at 3:33 in the morning, I rationalized. I'm only one, and I'm exhausted.

But I pressed on and suddenly felt comforted, as if I wasn't alone and someone else was out there praying with me. Someone perhaps read my blog and accepted the challenge to pray every day at 3:33 am or pm. Maybe I can make a difference? I kneeled a little taller, wondering who they were and appreciating their fortitude. My mind was finally quiet. I felt peaceful. A soft whisper said:

What are you doing for my lost children?

Then I was wide awake. I thought about Moses and how he went before Pharaoh demanding to "let my people go." Not so unlike what is taking place here in modern day America. Right now as we see evidence that millions of children have been caught up in the sex-trafficking swamp. Innocent children who are kidnapped, sold in slavery, violated, exploited, and then tossed aside--murdered.

Some mother gave birth to that child. Every child is important to our Father in Heaven and to most of us, even before we hear their little precious heart beating. Every child of God deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. To be loved, honored, and cherished. To be taught how to be happy, healthy, and educated.

To learn how to make a difference in this world, through work ethics, the Golden Rule, to learn skills, and have the opportunity to develop their special talents of which they brought with them from the lap of their Heavenly parents. I wonder how many great discoveries and talents are lost forever to this world through the deaths of these little angels? Look at all the talents lost by Hitler's murders.

Let my children go

Millions of children are murdered before they are born. Body parts are torn into pieces as devices are used to rip them to death as they are dragged down the birth canal, kicking and screaming. Part II of "Oh Say Can You See My Children," the next BLOG, will be about these little victims of another type of abuse: Abortion.

Part I, obviously is about the children who make it down the birth canal into life, often welcomed by loving parents, only to be kidnapped by evil people and sold into sex-slavery. Knowing the numbers of children murdered before birth or murdered after birth, it's a wonder that we have any children on the earth today that make it to adulthood.

Kidnapped children all over the world are hidden in plain sight--underground. Maybe even right below us, in some type of manmade concentration camp of horror. They are not in warm beds. Are they naked? Bleeding? Crying? Cold? Their stomachs are not full of comfort-food, nor water. There is no one to love or care for them, or protect them. To tell them it is going to be ok. Because for them, it isn't going to be ok, unless they are rescued.

Unless they are rescued.

And who is going to rescue the children? It's not our job, right? Someone else needs to do it. And that's partially true because it takes a lot of military skill to plan the missions and pull them off to safety. It's a very dangerous act of courage. And love. Some are dedicated to this cause. Rescuers always have the risk that they will be killed themselves, in the process. Maybe our job is to help the ones who are on the front lines, doing the rescuing. They need funding and post-traumatic stress therapies after they see the awful realities.

There's just not enough warrior-hero-rescuers to keep up with the numbers of kidnaps, or the numbers of wealthy perverts who pay others to provide children for their addictions. You see it's often the rich and famous - actors, athletes, bankers, politicians, and leaders who pay other greedy evil people to do their dirty work of bringing a child to them, to satisfy their perverted addictions.

I met and spent time talking to the guys who run these particular rescue missions. Ex-Navy Seals who are still giving back. Giving money to organizations like these help them to be able to continue saving the children. Money is extremely important to this cause. It's expensive doing these covert missions of mercy. But you can save lives from the comfort of your homes, by pressing PAYPAL.

Pain of the Lost

These children suffer pain of the worst kind, and at every human level—emotional, physical, spiritual, social—the pain of the lost. Look up adrenochrome and you will understand some of the depth of this pain. Look up satanic-rituals and you will know more. The children only know of evil in this world because it seems no one cares about them, until they are rescued. Then they have a chance to feel love. Until then, they are lost in Never, Never, Land, but not forgotten as long as you and I keep looking for ways to help end sex-trafficking.

Can you see the lost children of Never, Never, Land? Can you picture a place no one should ever go, especially a child with no loving adults to protect them? A child can't fight back. The only adults they know are ENEMY ADULTS. EVIL. Who will fight for these children? Even for the unborn. Tears flow down my face as I hear their cries of loneliness and pain--begging someone to help them. They are the lost ones—and we are being reminded that they are the Lost Treasure of this Nation. They are our future. The Constitution protects them, but there are people who want to destroy the Constitution as well. We can't let them.

Oh say can you see me now?


Regent University School of Law in Virginia has a large legal team dedicated to serving the children of this world. They work hard on the legal side of helping right the wrongs against children. It's a very prestigious part of the law school, and the participants have to be invited to labor in the program:

October 2020 is the 10th anniversary of the Center for Global Justice! This month the Center filed an amicus brief in the United States Supreme Court on behalf of children who were subjected to forced labor on cocoa farms in Côte d’Ivoire. The brief alleges that US corporations outsourced child slavery. The Center testified in the brief to the inherent dignity and worth of humans made in the image of God.

The Lost Treasure - Find them - Rescue them

Without our children, we have nothing of value. Children are the real treasures of the world. It is probably difficult for some of our children to believe that we were children once. Children are our joy and our future. They make us laugh and smile. They trustingly hold our hands for a while and our hearts forever. Everything we do is for them. We cannot fathom who could do such evil things to the precious and vulnerable little ones.

I pray that I will never have to experience the loss of a child. This isn't a topic any of us enjoy speaking of, but while we sleep and go about our busy lives, there are children who live and die in the most gruesome, unimaginable ways. Why? So evil people can benefit from the use of children's bodies—to take of their very essences and life-giving forces.

If you are a religious person, who has studied the Bible, you know there are those who exist and would do these vile deeds to children because the devil and his angels were denied bodies. How do they enlist human beings to help them accomplish such crimes against perfect, innocent children? We can only surmise. But eventually, we need to figure this out. It's our duty to God and this country to stop the pain and suffering. There is only one who can help us be successful. It's our Father in Heaven.

I'll see you at 3:33 am or pm.

Murdering children must stop now.

Save my children is the whisper.

Set my children free is the Battle Cry.






Why do I love 3:33 am?

Three has some spiritual power.

It's quiet and I can have a dialog with my Father.

Not always words, but whispers of thought.


By the Way:

Do you know the number one mission of President Donald J. Trump and his Administration? To eradicate sex-trafficking on this planet. Do you now understand why evil hates him and us as we fight for the right? There are more children to rescue and more evildoers to put in jail. Gird up your loins. It's time to fight for the right.

One of my mentors once told me: "Never get between an addict and his addiction. It will get ugly for you." These lost children are sexual-addictions for these evil addicts. Trump's Team is working day and night to save these children. This is a battle between good and evil. Join the good team today. Get involved to Save the Children so when Father asks you, "Oh say can you see my children?" You can answer "Yea Lord. They are safe, under my wing."

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