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Updated: May 2, 2020

If you want to stop having a bad dream, start telling yourself NOT to dream about puppies. Guess what? You will instead dream about puppies. It's the law.

I wrote this book a long time ago. It was published in 1999 as tragedy struck from every direction:

My soulmate diagnosed with two types of cancer, each one a death sentence, was given only three months to live.

My publisher was killed in a car accident.

I had a life-changing experience in the helicopter - ergo the creation of this book.

Settling with Power, 3 Steps to Mastering Life

I was busy with the serious business of saving my husband's life, so there was no time to market a book—five thousand books were placed in storage. Energy/alternative medicine gave us seven more glorious years together. When he opted for chemo, I quickly lost him in 2006.

In 2005, the Whirly-Girls, the international women's helicopter pilot's association, celebrated their 50th anniversary. My mom, children, and sweetheart attended the celebration in Washington, DC. The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum displayed my book for a year or so. That was a much-appreciated honor.

Since then, I've often wondered why all the inspiration and spiritual guidance that caused me to write this book in the first place had been wasted; my books were collecting dust in storage. Now I know. Those three steps are the answers to how to survive the world in 2020.

Too Late to Avoid

Settling-with-power is a helicopter term describing a dangerous and often fatal condition while flying. It is pilot-error and can be avoided. We practice regularly to have the skill to pull out and not crash. It's imperative to have this skill.

Settling-with-power forms a tornado-like storm underneath the helicopter, which shudders and shakes as if it is going to rip apart into a million pieces. I can see why this book was inspired to be written for 2020. It was written to avoid the current situation in the world, prevent it, rather than to have to cure it. As usual, prevention is easier than a cure.

Now we need to focus on how to pull out of the Storm created by pilot-error. It takes skill and quick reactions to save the helicopter, pilot, and passengers. It takes the same skills and quick responses to save the world. We need warriors of truth, brave individuals who love God, Family, and Freedom. They will become the Storm of righteousness. "They" are us, "they" are you. I love you guys.

Let's look at what it took to form the Storm in the first place, and then I'll share with you how to become the Storm. In my next blog you will learn how to take action with Storm Power.

Basically, while flying, the pilot messes up by not paying attention to what is going on in the helicopter. This can be fatal as flying helicopters can be unforgiving. Three technical things need to happen, simultaneously, to enter the settling-with-power Storm:

1. Operate at low airspeeds;

2. Operate at moderate to high settings;

3. Descend with high rates of sink.

Now, in Layman's Terms:

Living is generally forgiving. We often have Groundhog Day opportunities to do-over the next day. Our current situation, however, is that technical conditions have escalated and unless we make some heavy-duty changes FAST - we are going to crash and burn our world.

These three conditions created the Storm we are currently in because (1) we did not pay attention to current events, (2) we did not take care of our health, and (3) we left our safety up to political and medical leaders. In other words, we did not take responsibility for our own conditions, relying on others to do that. We messed up, and are now caught in the Storm. But be of good cheer! It can be reversed if we act quickly. We must now become the Storm.

There is a formula we must perform, as soon as possible, to restore our health and freedom and take back control. Compare the helicopter skills to life skills:


Step One: Reduce Power

Step Two: Press Forward

Step Three: Apply Power


Step One: Reduce Power to Think Differently ("I am the Storm")

Step Two: Press Forward with Prayer (How you become the Storm)

Step Three: Apply Lots of Power and Take Action (Storm Power)

The way you can tell when you've entered this dangerous condition is the helicopter shudders and shakes. It feels frightening and violent. Our society also shudders and shakes from the actions (or inaction) of our leaders: internal fights, disrespect, and divisiveness have become the norm. The government looks like little children throwing temper tantrums. They are ridiculous. Someone needs to throw cold-water in their faces and place them in time-out. Any volunteers? Sign me up.

Next, the helicopter Storm pulls the helicopter towards the ground out of control. Isn't that what we've seen with the claims of COVID-19? Our world has been pulled down, grinding our lives, businesses, and freedom to a screeching halt. Can this world ever recover? Can we recover without food and no work?

These leaders have told us time and again that if we allow them to run things "change we can believe in." Well, we've seen a lot of change and I'm not believing in any of them. None of their temper tantrums worked, so they decided to take down the world. There is no limit to what these evil-doers will do to get rid of anyone who seeks to protect our liberty, even the President of the United States. Power and the worship of wealth drives them. They seek that at all costs. Who the heck do they think they are? We need to stop them.

But these liars and thieves are hoping we go into a panic mode. Panicking will only cause us to crash and burn, and maybe even die, which is terrifying. But you have to push through the fear. To do that, you must immediately perform STEP ONE.


The first time I accidentally entered settling-with-power in the helicopter, my first reaction was to give it more power. That was the worst decision because the power at that point fed the Storm, and it became stronger. I had to think differently to survive.

They claim all is right in the world. Just go back to drinking your beer, watching your movies, go on your vacations, they encourage because that is your right. These sly devils encourage us to be distracted and then bind us. Why do we give these evil people leadership powers? What do you think happens? We are witnessing this take place as we speak.

Evil has hunkered down in our homes, heads, pocketbooks, playgrounds, beaches, parks, airports, churches, government, hospitals, stores, farms, schools, and even in our livers (the only actual immune system, for more on this click HERE). Do you seriously think there is a vaccination that will save us from pathogens created by man? Wake up. You know who your savior is, and it's not Bill Gates.

So, when I am sad or scared, I work to think differently. I say these words inside my head: "I AM THE STORM. I am Deborah, from the Bible, a Warrior Princess." I have a sacred mission to heal others. I love like nobody's business, and I serve like I mean it because I do. Many people have died so I can have the freedom to do so. I'm grateful for their sacrifices, and now it's my turn to make sure my kids keep this gift. It won't be easy, and oh my gosh - it is SO uncomfortable because we've already lost many freedoms.

I make sure I'm looking at the problem correctly. I realize there is a problem, and it will not go away if we just wash our hands (haven't you always washed your hands?), stay home, and wear a mask. Better think differently about that. Pay attention! Be real and discern the truth. The truth is that FREEDOM is gone. The truth is that we need to fight to get it back.

How Did We Lose Freedom?

Now that we've agreed that our freedoms have been taken, and we are not still fooling ourselves that the government will protect us, It helps to understand how we lost them in the first place. We've been warned over and over in so many different ways. The scriptures, for one. History, for another. And by those annoying, seemingly crazed individuals dismissed as "conspiracy theorists."

If I want to make you lose credibility - all I have to do is label you as a conspiracy theorist—done deal. You lose, but so does everyone else you were trying to warn.

Have you noticed that evil is devious? Subtle? It twists things around until truth is presented as a theory for fools or hillbillies. All too often righteous concerned people who ask questions about scary things they see or feel, are told the facts are "conspiracy theories" or they are not "politically correct" and it might offend someone.

Freedom is our right, but because we didn't pay attention to the messages, we've lost all our rights. Losing our freedom is something worse than a virus. A virus we can fight - but without freedom, we will lose the battle.


After we think differently and fight the urge to apply more power - by actually lowering the power to the engine (which is scary), we will feel the Storm subside. Now is the time to push forward out of the Storm. We do this by applying prayer.

Many of us finally realize we have been lied to, tricked, and there is another agenda going on. This other agenda is the destruction of the US economy and tearing down trust for our current President. After all, 2020 is an election year.

A potentially bad situation of a virus is now a worldwide condition to enslave us. We closed our businesses and hide in our homes. We turn over others who aren't obeying, and we cry as our loved ones die alone in empty hospitals, dying of many things other than a virus. We aren't allowed to be with them, even after they die. Why?

We are told the hospitals are empty, and no one is dying from the virus, but the physicians are required to write off every death: accidents, heart attacks, diseases, old age, etc. as COVID19. Get the death numbers up so we can be frightened into compliance and keep destroying the businesses. They wanted socialism, and now they have it.

My explanation of this current phenomenon is that history repeated itself. When my family didn't want to see the evil that had taken up residence in our homes, corruption in the form of child abuse had snuck in the back door. Now this same evil, only a million times worse, snuck in through the back-door of our country and the evil leaders are working to destroy us. It enslaves us just like it did in my family. It is now worldwide. It would have been so much easier to prevent. But it is what it is, and we are caught in settling-with-power. Oh, joy.

Think about it. If someone promotes murdering children, do you think they are going to care about you? Only if they need a slave. Someone to control. Say goodbye to your freedoms (and possibly your organs).

Prepare to do the hard work now, since we failed to do the easy task of prevention yesterday. Start with Step One: Think Differently. Determine to be the Storm. We get stronger when we join forces. Next we immediately add Step Two: harness the power of prayer. Now we cannot lose. Evil cannot stand up to us. But the fight is just beginning.

Bring in the big guns. Get right with God. Whatever that means, whatever it takes, do it now. He is real immunity. He is the only immunity. Get right, right now. Step Two is a game-changer: Prayer takes us out of settling-with-power. Once we are at this level, it is time to take action by using STORM POWER.


... Step Three "STORM POWER" is coming up.

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