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Storm Surges

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

What is a storm surge? Storm surge is the rise in seawater level caused solely by a storm. There are many deadly forces created during a storm. One is powerful winds, and when this happens, the greatest threat to life comes from the water — in the form of a storm surge.

For our purposes here, storm surges will be used as a metaphoric description for evil creating powerful events that can be deadly to life on planet earth. The greatest threat to life is not knowing about these events. The best way to fight evil is to recognize it. Pretending it doesn't exist can get you killed, literally. Or worse--our ignorance could cause the death of someone else. Some little person.

FEAR AND FAITH cannot hang out together. One or the other has to go. Being a partner with God provides safety from life-surges. Read PSALMS 112:7-10. Paying attention to evil through historical events can bring fearlessness to us through prayer and by enhancing our instincts. Have you ever been somewhere and felt the hair on the back of your neck stand up, only to see a few seconds later that there was danger lurking around the corner?

This danger could have been someone or something hiding in wait to harm you. If we are carrying a weapon, we are less afraid because we are prepared to face the danger. Preparation through education, practice, and awareness about our particular surroundings help us to be en guard and not live in fear. Being prepared means there are less "unknown" factors. Not being prepared can cause dire circumstances or consequences.

As my young grandkids say, "Nana Gaga. Don't worry. The bad guys never win." Smart kids, but EVIL does keep trying.

Study surges of yesterday for safety today

World War I and II were major storm surges. 9-11 was a surge. The assassination of President Lincoln was a surge - but none of us were there. The murder of President John F. Kennedy, after he threatened to take down the Federal Reserve Bank was a surge. Does anyone believe that Lee Harvey Oswald pulled that off, alone or at all?

Do you even know any of the details about that powerful event in America's history? Was Oswald a scape-goat? How can you know if you don't do your research and listen to your gut? The media gives multiple different stories making it evident that "someone" doesn't want the real story to be told. But we know that "someone" is not trustworthy. It seems likely that the one hiding the truth is the one who is guilty.

The sinking of the Titanic was a surge. The destruction of the Hindenburg was a surge. Critical points in history, and if we study them and connect the dots with a timeline, we might come up with some enlightening facts about how we got into the mess America is in now. You know the "mess" I'm talking about: COVID, lockdowns, business failures, voter fraud, fake news, loss of freedom of speech, gun control, destruction of our Constitution, lies, lies, lies, especially the eye of this storm? The eye of the storm is child murders (abortions) and sex-trafficking (more murders). The horrific crimes against America's greatest treasure: Our children.

In the last BLOG, we learned how important it is to search and pray for answers and not rely on someone else's hidden agendas or biases. It is prudent to check it out for ourselves. Don't trust anyone until you've done your homework. Add fasting, prayer, and instinct to the search-equation, and you can confidently decipher the truth.

When I was growing up, my parents and teachers said, "don't believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see." I never knew how life affirming that statement was until now, with FAKE NEWS and FACT-CHECKERS trying to manipulate and reshape the facts to cover-up the truth. My parents also taught me to ask a lot of questions. Let's try that out and see where we go.

Join me for some history research.

We will start by asking some questions about historical storm surges—life changing events. If we have some fun researching these events and plot them on a timeline, we might just come up with some helpful and surprising information. We might also discover that we have been lied to or that someone wants to control our thoughts and actions. Why would they do that? That is the question.

Why indeed?

Perhaps if we connect the dots of historical events and do our thought-provoking work we might get to the bottom of the truth or at least see some patterns for concern. Many of us have told others, "you don't know what you are talking about." "That's not true." "I don't discuss politics or religion." "Why can't everyone just be nice." "If you cared, you'd wear a mask."

Often we don't know how to respond because we don't know enough about the subjects to respond. But we heard CNN or Fox News, or a co-worker's mother once say that President Trump is a womanizer because he used a very derogatory word, once. So we hate him. We don't even consider that there are massive amounts of evidence against the other ex-candidate, committing horrendous crimes because we heard this one first.

We have to stop allowing others do our thinking for us.

Maybe ask yourself this question: Why am I willing to dislike someone when I don't know the facts behind the story, nor am I willing to do any research to know the truth? Why am repeating gossip from a parrot? There are many uncomfortable topics--elephants in the rooms, but we don't want to leave our comfort zones. I'm at a loss to understand why people close their minds and won't look at another side.

My personal research has brought me to the conclusion that the current state of affairs is about a battle between good and evil, and not color, race, or gender. But don't take my word for it, or anyone else's. God gave you a brain. Use it to do your research. He gave you a heart. Use it to discern who is telling the truth. He gave you a gut. Use it to guide your instincts. Then put them all together and take them to God for the truth. Maybe at 3:33?

Yes, evil is not fun to discuss.

Evil thrives on our pretending it doesn't exist and whatever evil accuses us of doing is a confession of evil's character and what evil is doing. Such as we are told that Russia is our enemy, and we can't trust them. Well, I didn't trust that statement because of a personal experience. I was in Russia on September 11, 2001. I was surprised by the generosity and kindness of the Russians towards myself and my American associates. I will never forget what they said, "If this can happen to America, we don't have a chance." It didn't sound like an enemy.

I listened to a video by Scott McKay (The Tipping Point Radio) where he triggered some of these questions: Watch this soon because YouTube will probably block it. They don't like us to think for ourselves. I wonder why? I think you know why. They want to do your thinking for you to make sure you come up with their conclusions, so you don't see what they are hiding. Tricky? Dumb.

Let's have some fun and find the answers to these questions, and plot them on a timeline:

  1. Why does YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, etc., block us? Why is the Media (fake news) blocking our President? Why are they afraid of the truth? Do any or all of these Storm Surges have anything in common? Put them on a timeline.

  2. What is The Federal Reserve Bank (FED), and when was it chartered? Why was it formed? What is the timeline between the charter and the Titanic sinking? Why might this be relevant? Who controls the Federal Reserve Bank? Why did JFK want to take it down? Did they kill him? What does the FED control? Who owns and controls the FED? (Hint: There are three families - Trace the bloodlines of these families.) Who approved the formation of the FED?

  3. Why did Hollywood glorify the Titanic as a love story? What is Propaganda? Search child sex-trafficking and adrenochrome. Learn about Q. (

  4. In the movie Titanic, what man lived? Why is this relevant? What is brainwashing? What is Scytl (software/server)? Who owns stock in this company?

  5. What really happened to the Hindenburg, the German airship? Was it an accident? Who died in this so-called "Accident?"

  6. What do you know about George Soros? (GS) What is the family 'y'? Note that Soros replaced family 'y.' Someone is family 'y'. At what age was GS during WWII? Look at the Soros family history. Find and listen to an interview with GS, where he talks about his duties as a child and why he has no guilt over doing that job.

  7. Was Hitler a puppet? If yes, who was his handler? What was the real purpose of the war? Is there a connection between Hitler and the Soros family?

  8. What has occurred in the world since the fall of N Germany?

  9. Look at A. Merkel's family history. Follow the bloodline. Do you know who is the American appointed German Chancellor? ... Wait for it ... Angela Merkel. Hint: She is Hitler's daughter. Are you as shocked as I am? Would you have allowed this? Why is she in that position? Who put her there?

  10. Who is the CABAL? Why is their greatest fear - us? People with principles and values. Listen to a movie/documentary by Dinesh D'Souza called TRUMP CARD. He interviews an ex-radical Muslim. Listen carefully as he explains why American Right-wing people are feared but not American Left-wing people. Pretty enlightening.

Once you do your research, you will understand what has happened to our country and how it happened. Prayer Warriors and Children of Light, you are the American Right, and you are a powerful force to be reckoned with. Together, no one can stop us. As I did my homework (research), I woke up and became excited that there is in place a takedown of evil. I'm even more excited to be a part of it.

So, be of good cheer and have no fear. We can learn from the storm surges of the past if we see them truthfully. If we open our eyes. You should feel good about that. Be very careful about who you listen. Be aware there are false prophets and fake news, but there are also true prophets and honest resources.

Don't believe it just because I say it's true. Search it out for yourself. The power of prayer can bring the discernment needed. Trust your instincts, feed your soul, and educate your mind. Evil has engineered feelings out of society. Brainwashing has been used in Hollywood, television, radio, elevators, and government. Ask people you trust who to follow. You will figure it out.


There is a battle going on right now, so do your research fast. We are in the middle of a STORM SURGE whether we want to be or not. It is a battle between GOOD and EVIL. The eye of the storm (EVIL) is sex-trafficking and the murdering of our children. These children are kidnapped from all over the world.

Children are the treasures of each nation and EVIL knows this. EVIL wants to control us so we can't fight back as they continue to massacre, torture, and sacrifice our children to Lucifer, aka Satin.

If you think I'm crazy or I make you uncomfortable talking about such a horrendous subject--too bad. This is the truth and I make no apologies. The sooner you figure it out, the sooner we can save children. Wake up people. The next child kidnapped could be yours.

Get in the battle for them, they can't defend themselves.


Irving Berlin

God bless America, land that I love, Stand beside her and guide her Through the night with a light from above. From the mountains, to the prairies, To the oceans white with foam, God bless America, My home sweet home. God bless America, My home sweet home.

Next BLOG - Treasures of Truth - STORMING WALLS

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