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The Fight for Right

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I've watched our beloved country and the world struggle with an attempted world domination by individuals who mean to make us all slaves. I've personally struggled with what I, as only one individual, can do to stop this and make a difference. I can pray.


Many ask me, and I've asked many leaders: What can I do to help? Guided by prayer, I contacted groups who work hard to undo the dishonest voting machines from the current Presidential election process. How humiliating it is for us as a country that always stood for good - to be seen as cheaters, liars, bickering, and mass rioters. Looking ridiculous as we tear down statues like children stomping their feet and throwing hissy-fits. The world used to look up to us, and now the wall to keep people from coming to the promised land - illegally - seems more like a wall to contain the evil that is rampant herein.

None of the groups I contacted were responsive except to ask for money. I felt worse and more helpless - even guilty - because their comments were that if I don't give them money, my beloved President Trump will lose the battle to save us. So which accounts are genuinely legitimate? And which ones would produce the best results? I wanted to help this man who gives so much of himself to us.

Last week, FaceBook blocked me. I had many followers. Instead of bothering me, this action set me free. I no longer fear being called a "racist," which I am totally not. I don't even know any racists, except the ones shouting about it. Or being placed in "time out," like a child, by fact-checkers, who do not believe in facts.

Because we have no rights on FaceBook, it was a prison camp, and now I am free. As I search for another social-media group or venue where freedom-of-speech is secured by our Constitution and still respected, I realize that what I need most is a support group similar to the one I formed on FaceBook, with . . .

Prayer Warriors.

I joined Parler to find out the real news. Television and even radio represent more lies and bullying by the media - no longer just fake - but out and out discriminatory. The news media's faces, and the faces of several leaders sneering at the President, look like orgies of evil. They cackle over any derogatory statements or events about our President and us. They tell lies and expect us to believe them. If we don't, we are called morons and hillbillies. Idiots. Racists. Parler is a venue for freedom of speech.

Parler - a venue for freedom of speech.

I was looking for a place with “actual free speech”. Not just looking for people who think like me, but one that provides the opportunity for moderates to see how conservatives think and to learn from it. This is not currently possible on Facebook because they silence conservatives.

I joined MeWe for a voice against mandatory vaccinations through freedom of speech. I'm against mandatory anything. How can anyone, especially the government, know what is best for every individual? MeWe articles provide different points of view that aren't blocked by so-called "fact-checkers." A restoration of freedom of speech is found there. So many freedoms have been taken away, including the freedom to not wear masks, replaced by mandatory masks, mandatory social distancing, mandatory shut-downs, and now mandatory behavior even in our homes. I'm non-compliant. That seems to be a problem.

MeWe Social Media. Where freedom prevails.

Business-as-usual is no more because businesses have been shut down and handicapped to the point that going-out-of-business is a reality with each passing day. Working is now a bad word. The only good side is now we have more "free" time providing an opportunity to watch videos, not on YouTube - because they block videos that FaceBook doesn't like. Videos about prophecies, history, and viruses to educate about the insanity we now experience in the world. Trying to find someone who will tell the truth.

The crumbling of good and the rising of evil are witnessed all around us. How and when did this happen? When will it stop? And what can we do about it? I'm not one to go quietly in the night nor follow blindly. Neither are my friends or family. We are warriors of truth and light. We are children of our Heavenly Father who loves us and most importantly - we love Him. Who are we?

We Are The Prayer Warriors.

Initially, about a year ago, the change in abortion laws pulled me out of my comfort zone and got my attention. My comfort zone was where I enjoyed the fruits of my labors. Watching my daughters thrive and raise beautiful grandchildren.

But, like a slap in the face, I watched in horror as the right to murder babies increased State by State. What? How inhumane and bizarre - and now up to nine months? I woke up with the realization that there is a sacrifice of many freedoms taking place.

Slyly and underhandedly, there are only a few good sentinels (Paul Reveres) shouting at us to pay attention. Now there are more sentinels or warriors crying out against these evils. Our numbers are increasing and we won't be silenced.

EVIL always has an agenda, and their sneaky list is still about gun control. Not just control, but to ELIMINATE and CONFISCATE our right to protect ourselves. They hate the Constitution and especially the Second Amendment. I see their point: It is challenging to enslave individuals who CAN fight back. Defund the police so they can't protect us either.

Does anyone else see what is happening here?

I watched a movie where the undercover agent warned his friend, "When they tell you they are going to take you to a safe place, to protect you, that means they are going to kill you." I often think about this when the government takes away another freedom for the claimed, "your own safety." "Wear a mask" means they need to know who complies and who doesn't, so they can punish and eventually kill the ones who don't. TSA is here to protect you. From them? You will be fined for not wearing a seatbelt. You don't get to choose whether or not to wear that seatbelt because you are too dumb to know or do the things that can save your life. It's for your own good, you know?

Is there a method to this madness or a madness to this method? For a person with a brain and a heart, it's difficult to accept these new "rules:"

  1. So we are told to stay in our homes (gas chambers?);

  2. Wear masks (breath gas!);

  3. Don't work (it might be dangerous, and we'll take care of you.) Oops, no check sent;

  4. Give me your tax dollars (I'm smarter than you in managing your money and need your money to protect you from your own ignorance);

  5. I want to give your money to illegal aliens (so they will vote for me, or anyone I tell them);

  6. Guns kill (let me have yours - but I'll keep mine for when you figure out I'm your enemy);

  7. Abortions are good. (We used to have to prove the embryo was alive - now we can murder up to birth. Much better for us) And by the way, your tax dollars are going to pay for the millions of abortions. How about that? Now you are contributing to the murders. Ha Ha for you.

  8. This madness is going on and on as prayer and God are not allowed in our schools or churches - don't sing, take away the hymn books, wear a mask, and don't sit next to anyone. Don't mention God.

  9. Fear is god now. God is dead. Actually, they say - "God never existed."

Ludicrous. Insane. UnAmerican. Against God. Ah-ha! A light goes off. We suddenly see that God is the target. Will we stand for Him? We know God loves us, but do we love Him enough to fight. Especially on our knees for truth and goodness? For the RIGHT? To show gratitude for all the love He has poured out on us. Dare we do this? Seems risky. We won't be popular. We may even be arrested. Many have been killed.

I love God and am not going down without a fight. They've gone too far. This travesty of evil has to stop, and it has to stop now. I can't do it alone. History showed what happened to the Jews when they didn't stand-up and they didn't do something because, by the time they figured it out, Hitler had already divided and conquered. He first took their guns, and then he killed their children, then he made them suffer - beyond belief.

It is prophesied and predicted that this will happen again before Christ returns. Are we there now, or is there time to repent? Biden just reported that one of his first acts as President would be to FUND Planned Parenthood - so our tax dollars will pay for the murder/sacrifice of babies. And you can check this out: The vaccine will have a microchip in it, as well as aborted baby parts. Don't believe me - check it out for yourself. But Fact-Checkers aren't going to tell you the truth. Pray to have the truth revealed. Pray for trusted resources. Pray you will be able to discern the truth.

Did you know "prophesy" can be changed?

Prophesies are warnings of what can and will happen if we don't repent and change things. Past History is also a warning. That's why true history isn't taught in schools/universities anymore. Most young people never heard of the Holocaust. How sad. But History doesn't want to be repeated. We can stop it if we pay attention. We are large in numbers. We need to unite. We are currently in the gas chambers, but we still have time to change.

Remember the story of Sodom and Gomorrah? Lot pleaded with Father that if he could produce a dozen good men in those two cities, Father would not destroy them? Father agreed, but Lot could not produce the men. Not even one. I plead with Father now that there are hundreds of thousands of good men and women in America and the world. We love Him and want to fight for the right. Many are already fighting hard. Time is short.

FIGHT ON YOUR KNEES before it's too late.

There is power in numbers. Good people need to step up and do something. Many are, as witnessed by the enormous groups gathering to support President Trump. Many of us cannot go to these meet-ups. What can we do? The devil spreads fear and division. He thinks he can conquer us by promoting these fears and confusion. By Fact-Checking us, by blocking us, by dividing us, and turning us against each other.

I think not.

We need to form prayer groups, digitally and physically, and we need to pray as we've never prayed before. We need to BE THE STORM and stop cowering from the storms sent upon us by evildoers—those who want to enslave us for POWER'S-SAKE - for FINANCIAL GAIN.

Evil has to be stopped. It won't stop on its own.

I'm asking each of you who read this blog: my friends, neighbors, acquaintances, business associates, elected officials, old and young, to pray for this country and the world. To REPENT and ask Father to cast out the evil.


There is power in the number three. When I wake up in the middle of the night or accidentally notice it is 3:33 in the middle of the day, I know my Father wants to speak to me and hear from me. During that time, I receive amazing instructions and my prayers are powerfully answered - even more remarkable than all the other times.

I woke up this morning at 3:33, and listened. This BLOG information was what I heard: Gather Prayer Warriors all over the world and unite in prayer at 3:33. Fight on your knees. I do what Father tells me.

I'm afraid not to.

This website is a result of the dedication to this cause. TO ALL PRAYER WARRIORS: I ask you to set your watches for a reminder at 3:33 each day to stop what you are doing and REPENT and PRAY for America and freedom. Pray for prayer. Pray like you've never prayed before. REPENT like you've never repented before.

What's happening is humbling. Father is already answering prayers. When each of us pray at 3:33 in our own time zone--I'm four hours behind the East Coast, and as this spreads, every hour of every day, there will be people all over the world asking their Heavenly Father to bless America, the world in general, our beloved Constitution, and our President Trump. This is powerful. Thank you for participating.

I watched something similar happen in 2016 when Donald J. Trump became our President. I know that Father intervened on those votes because the same illegal software, called Dominion, was used in that election. "They" were right when they cried, "He should not have won," because they had it fixed. In 2020 they were desperate and went overboard. They exposed themselves. That's what happens when people cheat. They lose.

"They" have made a mess of this world and spread evil. We need to pray to have evil stayed. How?


Prayer Warriors - Be the Storm

We have a lot of work to do, and a lot of evil to UNDO, but we are on the winning team. POUR OUT YOUR HEARTS AND MINDS TO OUR FATHER. Ask our Father to help us right all the wrongs against us, this country, the world, and our Father. Only our Father can fight the level of evil that has confounded the world. It's pervasive and massive. It's beyond our capability to handle alone. We have to drive out the fear that has taken over the hearts of men by the liars and cheats - the Evildoers.

Please pray together at 3:33 (am or pm) every day beginning today:

Please respond to this BLOG/Website. Let me know you are praying, on your knees, and if you need us to pray for you, or someone you care about . . .


I don't want your money.

I don't want you enslaved.

I want LOVE and FREEDOM.

I want my life back.

I will see you at 3:33 today. Love you guys, and thank you for being great. "Log in" to leave a message to add yourself, a loved one, or a concern to the 3:33 Prayer List. Start with praying for our country, our world, each other, our Constitution, and of course, our President.

I am small, I am one, I am not famous, but I am a Child of God, therefore I can do anything.

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