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Trump Won - Stand Fast

A 3:33 AM wake-up-call guided me to write this BLOG and influence minds with the truth: The American people's choice - President Donald J. Trump won the 2020 Presidential election by a landslide.

President Trump is always fighting evil and the messengers of evil. They will not leave him alone. They cannot win, but they keep trying. They will sink to any level to defeat him and enslave the American people with hatred, division, debt, war, illness, control, no guns, no churches, fake news, block truth, and spread fear.

This time, their cheating to try and steal this election is a sham against everything America stands for - against goodness. As obvious as it is - they still claim they won.

We, the people of the United States of America, are Patriots and must surround this great man, Our President Donald J. Trump, with our lives, energy, appreciation, thoughts, and prayers. We know he won, God knows he won, they know he won, but evil persists because that is what evil does.

Good People of America and the World: STAND FAST

The battle between good and evil will continue. But good has already won. We just have to see the truth and believe it. Know it. Proclaim it. Declare it. Stand fast and be of good cheer.

Say it. Shout it. Claim it. It's true: President Donald J. Trump won the 2020 Presidential Election by a LANDSLIDE

Good triumphed over evil - again.

The Good Guys always win.

Bad guys always lose.

Every child knows it. (My grandchildren remind me.)

Every adult needs to remember it.

Cheaters never win.

Cheaters forfeit.

Good Trumps Evil - always.

PRAY: "Satan, get thee behind me. Depart.
In the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN."

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day.

Be thankful Trump won (by a landslide)

Be thankful evil lost.

Be thankful for this great nation:

One Nation, Under God. With Liberty & Justice for ALL.

Be thankful God is still in charge.

Be thankful for the right to work, travel, worship, and be a family.

Be thankful for our fore-fathers

For the Constitution - the greatest gift in History.

Give thanks for Parler, Rumble, and other FREE SPEECH venues of Social Media.

Be thankful for the following to have been restored to the White House and the USA:


American Safety




Financial Security

Possibility for World Peace - Not World War III



Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Choice

Love for the American people

All these attributes were lost since President Ronald Reagan left the White House

He restored Respect for our Military and First Responders

His TEAM'S mission and policy to end sex-trafficking and save our children restored safety for the greatest American treasure: our children



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