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Updated: Feb 4, 2021

What if are two little words that are perhaps the most powerful words ever spoken--or thought. These words have inspired dreamers who changed the world.

What if the world wasn't flat?

What if we could go to the moon?

What if we have a soul mate?

What if God is real?

What if I could be an honest politician and worked FOR the people?

What if I wrote a best seller book that inspired people to be better?

What if I could be a doctor and separate siamese twins?

What if I could be President of the United States?

What if I found a cure for cancer and other viruses?

What if babies CAN feel immediately after conception?

What if viruses are biological warfare - created to destroy businesses (wealth) and health (life)?

What if natural supplements and pharmaceuticals can cure and protect us?

What if our immune systems are the real cures for all diseases?

What if we lost our freedom?

What if past American Presidents started all the wars to keep us distracted so they and their families could have more wealth and power?

What if there was enough wealth in the world to eradicate homelessness?

What if no child ever went to sleep hungry?

What if evil is real?

What if animals could talk? What would they say?

What if people were kind?

What if there are children caged in underground caves below cities being tortured and raped and sacrificed in Satanic rituals?

What if the stories in the Bible are real?

What if our children never taste freedom?

What if no one believed me if someone was hurting me?

What if there's a plan in the works to stop evil from hurting children?

What if people can stop evil, but they are too busy?

What if we believe we can make a difference?

What if there are "evil-doers" who want to enslave the world's population by coming up with a virus-plan to enslave and destroy businesses, health, and families?

What if nothing we see is true?

What if the good guys don't always win?

My grands tell me, "Nana Gaga. Don't worry. The bad guys always lose, and the good guys always win." This statement is true, but they miss the point that THEY have to get involved and do something--often dangerous--for the good guys to win. Evil proliferates while we are entertained watching someone else do our dirty work. Or so we hope.

From Lemons to Lemonade

For those prescribed to the theory that we can always turn lemons into lemonade, I hope that is what you are doing now. The lemons are the forced locked down away from our businesses, gyms, churches, families, and more. The lemons are the media lies (main-stream) and believing that the leaders of our country are legitimate. Or that the fake leaders of our country are not evil-doers. Can you possibly believe these people didn't cheat? Anyway--all lemons.

What if we could make lemonade by spending this lock-down-jail-time, as an opportunity to find the truth by reading between the lines. What if we used this time to turn off main-stream-media, so we have the time to pray to be inspired to know who are the good guys. Who are the bad guys? There can be no middle of the road here. No more thinking that we live in a country where "bipartisan" means the difference between Republicans and Democrats. We live in a world where we have to chose sides between good or evil.

Americans' current division isn't about political parties, despite what the media and Democrats are saying. The problem is so much larger. Just know that evil people are not your friends. They don't care about you and will rape and murder your children. As long as they need you, you are semi-safe. Your children are never safe. Look at the laws they pass: Abortions up to full term (isn't that murder?). Ok for a grown man to have sex with a child. Defund the police. These ideas are insane and dangerous. Inhumane. What person who cares about life would make laws like these?

Many years ago my daughter wanted to get into Hollywood. She was beautiful, talented, and had a family who could pull strings for her. I found an agent who thank goodness was a good guy. He had been a famous child TV star and advised me to keep her out of Hollywood. He said, "No good comes out of Hollywood for her or any other child." He alluded to the rape and molestation that took place in Hollywood. He named names. He said "no one makes it big in Hollywood without selling their souls. No one."

I'm glad I listened and received confirmation of the truth and veracity of his words and his experience--through prayer. I learned that pedophiles were rampant in Hollywood, and our government. What if that is true? Are you willing to take the chance? I wasn't.

Discerning Truth

I watched a truth-video today and was shocked to learn how many politicians and movie people died in January, 2021, last month. Check out this video before your media "friends" remove it. Why do they remove things? Why all the censoring? Do you need them monitoring and censoring what you are allowed to watch? Are we too naive or stupid to make our own choices? I did hear in a movie once that whenever the government offers to keep us safe--that is code for they are planning to kill us. Now that I can believe.

When I looked at the lemons of today's conditions, I decided to make lemonade by doing research. Doing my homework. Where should I start? I started with what Facebook was blocking. Especially when Facebook offered me money to stay off their platform in October 2020 until after the election. Why? All I was doing was posting about my beliefs. America is a free country. I said so, so they blocked me. No warning, no access. No idea when I can return. Maybe after I apologize for saying America is a free country.

I did find out that I did not meet up to their inauguration "standards." Did you know they had standards? That was news to me. They have no standards if you want to criticize President Trump or push abortions or mention weird and odd sex habits. If you agree with their agenda, you get to stay in their club. I never liked clubs.

By doing research on the things that Facebook blocked and the MSM liked--it didn't take long to discern the truth. I learned that evil had grown exponentially and was close to winning the war against good. Evil keeps forgetting about the power of prayer and Americans' ability to pull together in times of crisis. Note to self: We are in crisis, but we are fortunate that

Evil is stupid but persistent

Sex-Trafficking, Censorship, Liars, Evil-Doers, and more? Yes, there's more. Virus warfare. The following is an excellent video with information from a real medical expert. Not a Fauci liar/wannabe. This doctor has more credentials than I can count. Impressive credentials. Impressive accomplishments. If you are too busy to turn off main-stream-media to listen to the truth for a change, fast forward to 27 minutes and listen to her tell you how to be safe from the COVID-19 virus. The message is pretty clear about the lies being told about this virus..

And if you want to find a group of doctors with integrity who are curing and preventing COVID-19, check out America's Frontline Doctors

(If this video won't load for you here - go to:

Summary from Dr. Lee Merrit: "Turn off your TV. Take off your mask. Reopen your business. You live your life. You hug your relatives. You see your old relatives. And you have neighborhood parties. Let me tell you: We can't live in a basement. Even if you think masks work, don't do this to your children."

One last thought.

Good always loves children and protects them. Evil always attacks children like coyotes. They go after the weakest, easiest sources for food. They go for the ones who can't fight back. What kind of a predator/coward hurts children? Keep watching main-stream-media, and you will see who the pedophiles are. They are the ones who promote fighting and hatred. But I agree with Dr. Merrit. Turn off MSM. You'll feel better, have more wisdom, and learn the truth in spite of censoring.

Pray. Do your research. Trust. Believe. Do what your heart tells you. That's how you choose sides and draw the line. All the confusion and fighting taking place since President Trump was first elected? It's all about sex-trafficking. If someone is not talking about it, or they are ridiculing those who are--there's your proof.

"Please, save me," begs the precious child.

May God Bless You for believing.

... to be continued ...

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