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Writing for Life

For some of us, writing is like breathing. Doing it generates air for the soul. Is it because we have more to say, or is this how we process stress - avoid being lonely, or distracting us from pain - mental, physical, social, or emotional?

Who knows?

I'm not a disciplined writer ... I can't force myself to sit down and DO it. Especially if I don't want to, or don't feel like it. Mr. Aliano, my mentor and 6th grade teacher wanted me to write 2 to 4 hours a day, everyday, rain or shine. I've never done that. I hated to disappoint him, but I'm stubborn even with myself.

I just wake up in the morning, get a picture in my head, find the picture on Shutterfly, and then sit down and write. I have to have that picture before I start. Then I come up with a title. Then the Table of Contents. Then I write the story. Once I have all that stuff in place, the words can come and maybe begin to flow. Sometimes. Not always.

I have to love the story. It has to be funny, passionate, and true. Murder mystery, near death, health and wellness, surprising, interesting, simple, and thought provoking.

I like the way I write, but I would hate to have to earn a living doing this. I'd starve. Or maybe if I couldn't eat for a while, I'd find that discipline.

What do you like to read?

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